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Halo Infinite Cheaters End Matches Early With Hack That Crashes Servers

Cheaters in Halo Infinite have started using a new hack that lets them end games early and stops them from losing!

Halo Infinite’s classic arena shooter gameplay is a blast, but that doesn’t stop the game from being fiercely competitive too. Unfortunately, like most online multiplayer games, there are players who are so desperate to win that they resort to cheating.

There have been hackers in Halo Infinite since day 1 and the problem continues to get worse. This is despite developer 343 Industries promising Halo Infinite anti-cheat improvements over a month ago.

Not only are the number of cheaters in Halo Infinite rising though, but they are also using new hacks too!

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Hackers Force Other Players to be Kicked From Games

Halo Infinite players are desperate for a better anti-cheat system and this new hack will make the calls for this even louder.

Twitter user @Graslu00 has shared gameplay of a new Halo Infinite cheat that is completely ruining games. The hack in question isn’t a one-off either as the player shared two separate instances of it!

The hack in question crashes the server during a game and kicks players back to the menu. Cheaters have been using this to avoid defeats in ranked and annoy their opponents.

This is especially a problem in ranked matches as it is totally unfair. Innocent players who are kicked from the game get points penalties through no fault of their own.

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halo infinite
343 Industries

It is not known how cheaters manage to crash the servers but @Graslu seems to think it is to do with a DDOS attack. This would cause players to lose connection to the servers.

There are already major server desync issues in Halo Infinite so this is the last thing the game needs right now.

Hopefully, 343 Industries finds a way to stop hackers from using this cheat and bans anyone who has been benefiting from it.

What’s more, the developer could also try to implement this genius idea to remove hackers from Halo Infinite.

In other news, leaks have revealed some very important information about the future of Halo Infinite. Firstly, it looks like Halo Infinite might not get any more maps until Season 2.

This isn’t the only content coming with the new season though. A leaker has revealed loads of armor cosmetics and new visor colors coming to Halo Infinite.

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