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Halo Infinite Campaign Unlocks New Free Multiplayer Cosmetics

Good news for all those who want a little more customization – the Halo Infinite Campaign will help you unlock free new Multiplayer cosmetics.

Halo Infinite is already live with its Multiplayer Beta, and it’s a hit. Combining the Free-to-Play model with the best Halo gameplay we’ve seen in years, Halo Infinite is a success.

And we’ve still got the incredible open-world Halo Infinite Campaign to look forward to on top of that. Fans will have to wait until Halo Infinite’s official release date to get their hands on the new content, but Multiplayer makes the torture of waiting far more pleasant.

Halo Infinite Armor Lockers Unlock Free Multiplayer Items
343 Industries

Recently, we found out that Halo Infinite’s Co-op Campaign is playable now, despite the mode’s recent delay.

But whether you’re playing with or without a friend, you can look forward to unlocking new Multiplayer cosmetics in Halo Infinite’s story.

Halo Infinite Armor Lockers Unlock Free Multiplayer Items

When you’re exploring Zeta Halo in Infinite’s Campaign, be on the lookout for Armor Lockers.

Recently, a group of content creators and journalists got the chance to go hands-on with Halo Infinite’s Campaign. And while it was nice to see such positive feedback, one detail, in particular, caught our eye.

According to Stallion83 on Twitter, there’s a new way to unlock free Multiplayer cosmetics in Halo Infinite. Players can find and open Armor Lockers that are scattered across the game’s open world.

Doing so will unlock a new Multiplayer cosmetic for your Halo Infinite custom Spartan! This is certainly a relief to see, as Halo players hate the new overpriced armor microtransactions.

Halo Infinite Armor Locker
343 Industries

Thankfully, we’re getting some free Halo Infinite armor sets in the next few events too!

But that’s not all players are discovering in their first adventures in Zeta Halo. It appears that Halo Infinite’s Campaign has a hilarious Craig The Brute Easter Egg to discover!

Halo Infinite Armor Locker Free Multiplayer Cosmetics
343 Industries

Unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing in Multiplayer right now. In fact, Halo Infinite players are reporting cheaters ruining games already.

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Comments 3



Sunday 21st of November 2021

343 has said multiple times that it’s not an open world. More like chunks of a bigger world.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

How is paying $60 for campaign mode considered “free” cosmetics??


Monday 22nd of November 2021

@Kindly, Most people aren't buying it for the skins. While not "free" it is a nice little bonus.