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Halo Infinite Campaign Players Want Invisible Walls To Be Removed

The campaign for Halo Infinite has a lot of things to love but the invisible walls stop players from exploring the open world.

343 Industries released the campaign for this year’s Halo title almost a month after releasing the multiplayer mode for the game.

But it appears the wait was well worth it. The open-world campaign in Halo Infinite is receiving praises from fans all around the world.

Players now have had enough time to explore the new terrain and features of the game. And there’s one thing bugging them while using the grappling hook.

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Halo infinite campaign invisible barriers
343 Industries

Invisible Walls Separating Map Areas in Halo Infinite Campaign Are Ruining the Fun

The grappling hook was a great addition to this year’s Halo title. But the invisible walls are stopping players from crossing certain parts of the map.

Reddit user ‘MazingerZERO‘ took to Halo’s subreddit to express their opinion. As seen in the clip posted by the player, they were unable to grapple to the other side of the hexes area.

A majority of the community came to an agreement with the post and feel that the invisible walls need to be removed from the game.

One player pointed out that these walls stop players from accessing the latter stages of the campaign. However, many players stated that the walls are still there once you unlock everything.

“If they don’t want you to cross, then they should make it a little bigger or put a different natural barrier – so frustrating,” Reddit user Beer_Gravel_Music writes.

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Halo infinite grappling death to invisible wall
343 Industries

Whether 343 Industries decides to make the change remains to be seen. Although, they did make a secret change to enemy collision in Halo Infinite recently.

In other news, a new leak shows Halo Infinite Season 2 unlockables. The highly requested helmets might make it to the game next year.

Finally, make sure to use the best Halo Infinite PC settings for higher FPS and better performance.

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