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Halo Infinite Campaign Has Hilarious Craig The Brute Easter Egg

Craig The Brute is making a surprise appearance in the Halo Infinite campaign in the form of a pretty hilarious easter egg!

Master Chief might be the star of the Halo series, but there is another character that gives Chief a run for his money. Move aside, Cortana – Craig The Brute is making long-awaited his Halo debut (sort of).

For those not familiar with the meme, Craig is the name given to a Brute from the original Halo Infinite gameplay trailer who drew some unwanted attention from fans.

Craig may have just been having a bad day. However, this didn’t stop Halo fans from making some hilarious memes using his low-res face.

Those meme-makers might be pretty embarrassed now though – nobody expected this stunning Craig The Brute glow-up!

Though originally a meme, 343 Industries has now immortalized Craig in the Halo Infinite campaign with a pretty hilarious easter egg. Here’s where you can find it.

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Halo Infinite Craig
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Campiagn Craig The Brute Easter Egg

The Halo Infinite Campaign will task Master Chief with his greatest challenge yet. However, there’s still time for some laughs too!

Tom Warren of The Verge has discovered a hilarious Craig The Brute Easter Egg in the Halo Infinite campaign.

Located on top of a tall tower in the 4th level of the Halo Infinite campaign, players can find a couple of Craig easter eggs. However, you’ll need to upgrade your grapple shot to get up there.

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Halo infinite Brute
343 Industries

The first easter egg is a poster for the ‘Craig Zeta Halo Tour’ in 2560. This features a list of different locations for the dates of his tour – of course!

The second one, on the floor to the right of the poster, is a ‘Greatest Hits’ record with Craig’s beautiful face on it. The back of this record has a song list, including his hit single ‘The Day You Become a Meme’.

These are the only easter eggs found so far but there is still the possibility of more Craig-related secrets popping up in other parts of the Halo Infinite campaign. We wouldn’t even rule out an appearance from the famous Brute himself!

Check out Tom Warren’s video below to see the full easter eggs.

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In other news, an analyst has predicted that Halo Infinite could have an episodic campaign. This would mean players will have to wait a while before finding out the next parts of Master Chief’s story.

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