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Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Has Been Broken More Than It’s Worked

Since Halo Infinite’s release in December, the 24-player Big Team Battle game mode has had consistent issues with many unable to play at all. This is all despite 343 Industries attempting to fix it.

It’s supposed to be Halo Infinite’s most chaotic and high-energy game mode. However, Big Team Battle, which pits 12-against-12 and includes the game’s iconic vehicles has been virtually unplayable for large swaths of the player base.

The problems are due to bugs in the matchmaking system with many players failing to get into a game with one report putting the failure rate at 80%.

Now, the scale of the long-standing problem has finally been put into perspective.

Big Team Battle Has Been Broken for Twice As Long as It Worked

This — let’s say revealing — stat comes courtesy of Reddit user Logondo. In a thread on the official Halo subreddit, he has worked out that Big Team Battle has been broken for 45 days. Compared to the 22 days it has been working.

45 days takes us back to the release of the December 8 patch (also the official launch day). And it was in the day’s following that players began experiencing major issues.

Big Team Battle broken
343 Industries

And what is more frustrating still, is that the developers have twice attempted to fix the issue. The most recent being on Wednesday (January 19) of this week.

On that day, they released a patch whose sole intention was to fix Big Team Battle. However, 20 minutes later they announced it was still broken.

BTB Issues Branded “ridiculous”

So, I think we can all agree that Big Team Battle is broken. But why then is there still so many challenges revolving around a mode that players can’t actually play?

It was a point raised by the majority who replied to the Reddit thread.

“The fact that they haven’t taken out BTB challenges is ridiculous,” said one.

“You’re looking at 7 weeks where BTB hasn’t worked. If we’re being kind and saying that you only get 1 BTB Challenge a week […], you would have needed to use at least 7 challenge swaps. Instead, they’re offering 5.” A reference to the compensation given to players in the hotfix this week.

Issues around the game’s challenges and rewards system are a sore one for many who have jumped into Halo Infinite.

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Realizing you can’t even play the game mode they are attached to makes it feel even worse.

That isn’t Halo Infinite’s only issue though! Players are experiencing major server desync issues and others are finding they are being banned for no fault of their own!

There’s some joy to be had though – with fans loving the Cyber Showdown event!

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