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Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Fix Release Date & Free Rewards Revealed

Halo Infinite’s Community Director shared a Big Team Battle fix is on the way, along with some free rewards to compensate for the inconvenience.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is currently undergoing Season 1. The game has been out for almost two months now. That has been enough time for players to have a solid opinion about the game.

Without a doubt, Halo Infinite was one of the multiplayer releases with the best performance last year. Unfortunately, this was not a very high bar to hit.

Players have complained of many aspects of the game. Recently, players expressed they are fed up with the terrible Weekly Ultimate Rewards in Halo Infinite.

343 Industries follows these concerns closely, and fixes for some Halo Infinite problems are already on the way, at least for Big Team Battle.

Halo Infinite’s Community Director Reveals a Big Team Battle Fix Is Coming

Brian Jarrard, Halo Infinite’s Community Director, stated a fix for Big Team Battle is targetted to release by the middle of next week.

In addition to this information, Jarrard added that players would receive XP boosts and Challenge Swaps for the inconvenience.

Big Team Battle mode has experienced connectivity issues since the game’s early days. According to players, Halo Infinite Big Team Battles resulted in errors more than half of the time.

There is no detail yet on how many XP Boosts and Challenge Swaps players will receive.

Hopefully, this will be a definitive solution to this problem. In December, 343 Industries addressed this problem and rolled out a fix for BTB in Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately, players continued experiencing connectivity issues a few days after the developer implemented this solution.

Halo Infinite has certainly not experienced a rocky launch as other titles did in 2021. But, there are concerning issues that still require a ton of work on behalf of the development team.

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Currently, players have constantly complained about cheaters. 343 Industries have addressed this situation and revealed that a cheating fix is coming in February.

In the meantime, players demanded an easier way to report cheaters and hackers since there is no easy way to do so directly from the game.

UPDATE – 1/18 2:28 PM ET – Bryan Jarrard, 343 Industries Community Director, confirmed a fix for the Big Team Battle connection problems rolls out on January 19.

Furthermore, the developer is still investigating a solution for the desync issue that has affected Halo Infinite Multiplayer matches for some time.

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