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Halo Infinite Players Experiencing Big Team Battle Connection Lost Matchmaking Issues – Developers Respond

Players trying to get into Halo Infinite Big Team Battle matches get a Connection Lost error.

Halo Infinite has finally fully launched. The game had an early debut with its free-to-play multiplayer experience.

Now, the game recently launched its much-anticipated campaign. Thus far, players praised Halo Infinite’s open world campaign.

Now that the campaign is out, it has taken the spotlight. But, many gamers are trying to get some attention back to the ongoing multiplayer issues.

Namely, players called out an issue with the BTB severs in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. According to reports, this problem affects the majority of Big Team Battle matches.

Halo Infinite Campaign Cinematic

Connection Lost Error in BTB Halo Infinite Multiplayer Matches

Gamers reported that Halo Infinite Multiplayer BTB matches result in a Connection Lost error during high traffic hours.

343 Industries already addressed this situation on Reddit today. Although, the developer did not provide a timeframe for a resolution.

According to these reports, the number of matches failing to connect is staggering. So far, gamers have reported a small probability of successfully joining a BTB match.

Most of the time, especially during high traffic hours, players report a Connection Lost error that redirects them to the main menu.

Several gamers state that even after connecting to a match, there is a chance of getting a never-ending loading screen.

Additionally, some players reported that once they can finally join a BTB match, they get into 3v3 matches instead of 12v12.

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Gamers have been highly vocal about the issues experienced in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. So much in fact that Halo Infinite’s subreddit closed for a couple of days due to toxic backlash from the community.

To mitigate these concerns, 343 is rolling numerous fix and content updates. Not long ago, a secret change to enemy collisions rolled out in Halo Infinite.

UPDATE 12/11 7:55 PM ET – 343 Industries announced through its Halo Support Twitter that a change was made to reduce this issue. To make this change effective, simply close and relaunch the game.

Today, the developer also announced that new Slayer, FFA, Fiesta, and SWAT playlists are coming to Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Additionally, new events like Halo Infinite Cyber Shadow are coming soon according to leaks.

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