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Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Beta Improves PC Framerates, Performance

The next Halo Infinite Multiplayer Technical Preview launches this weekend, and the Big Team Battle Beta will offer improved PC performance.

If you’re a Halo Infinite Insider, chances are you’ll be playing the Technical Preview this weekend! The upcoming trial is open to all those who signed up early, and Xbox users can even install the Halo Insider app to get access from tomorrow onwards.

Last weekend’s trial was a tremendous success, with players enjoying dropping into Multiplayer game modes in PVP again. And now, we’re getting leaks for all the upcoming Halo Infinite Multiplayer modes for launch and beyond!

halo infinite repulsor
(Source: 343 Industries)

In the upcoming gameplay test, Tech Preview players will be able to enjoy Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle for the first time! Let’s just hope that this new Halo Infinite aimbot glitch gets fixed soon…

Halo Infinite Patch Fixes Poor PC Performance

If you’re a Halo Infinite PC player, the latest patch should fix your hardware’s poor performance.

Although Halo Infinite performs great on Xbox consoles, PC players are a little worse for wear. Despite claims that Halo Infinite’s PC port was a huge priority, performance has been a little lacking so far.

Now though, our third Halo Infinite Tech Preview weekend offers improvements to PC framerates and overall performance.

According to an official tweet by HaloSupport, a new update for PC players will offer improvements in the upcoming Preview.

halo infinite patch PC performance
(Source: 343 Industries)

Community Manager John Junyszek confirms that PC players should notice a 15% increase in Halo Infinite framerates. What’s more, the patch reduces hitching, improves frame-pacing, and generally boosts overall performance.

Remember – you can still get access to Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle weekend through the Halo Insider app! Insiders are all being emailed one free code for a friend too, so check your inboxes.

Meanwhile, we just got new Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X pre-orders at Walmart!

And we think we know which retailer is getting the exclusive Halo Xbox Series X next.

If you want a peek into the future of Halo, check this out. Major leaks are revealing all of the upcoming Halo Infinite Fracture armors in Season 1 and 2!

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