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Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale Details Leak

Halo Infinite may be delayed, but we have new details about the game’s upcoming battle royale mode.

Recently, professional streamers such as Dr. Disrespect and NICKMERCS called on game developers everywhere to make a new battle royale. Previously, we believed 313 Industries to be heeding the call.

After months of silence, we finally have new information about Halo Infinite’s upcoming battle royale feature. However, it wasn’t what most fans were expecting.

Halo Infinite Battle Royale Leak
(Source: 313 Industries)

Instead of a traditional battle royale mode, Halo Infinite will supposedly feature a “Big Team Battle 2.0.” But what does this mean for the upcoming Xbox and PC title?

Halo Infinite Won’t Have a Battle Royale

According to a new leaker, who previously accurately predicted the Halo Infinite grapple hook and split Multiplayer functionality, Halo Infinite is forgoing a traditional battle royale mode.

In its place, however, 343 Industries is creating a brand-new experience for Halo fans. This Big Team Battle 2.0 will reportedly feature massively-enhanced vehicle combat, squad spawning, Pelican drops, and more.

It will also consist of large-scale combat, similar to the Battlefield games. We’ve seen some glimpses of this in the past, with Halo’s Warzone mode and Reach’s cut ‘Global Battle’ content.

Halo Infinite Big Team Battle 2.0
(Source: 313 Industries)

However, it’s not game over for Halo Infinite’s battle royal potential just yet. Leaker Klobrille goes on to state that the game will feature a much larger Forge mode, when compared to Halo 5: Guardians.

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With that in mind, players could easily create a battle royale mode of their own, should they wish. And honestly, we could see a few major updates bringing battle royale to the title, should Microsoft’s upcoming system-seller prove successful enough.

It’s worth noting that Master Chief has already appeared in Fortnite, meaning that the iconic character has some experience with the genre. Given that Halo Infinite features free Multiplayer, it’s actually quite surprising that a battle royale isn’t coming at launch.

But take these leaks with a pinch of salt, as they’re far from confirmed. However, anything is possible right now – including launching Halo Infinite Multiplayer before or after the game’s Campaign.

But Halo Infinite isn’t the only exciting Xbox Series X/S game coming in 2021. There’s lots to look forward to for Microsoft fans, and much of it is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

In fact, Xbox Game Pass may soon get another major expansion, as Microsoft reaches out to more publishers.

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