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Halo Infinite Battle Pass Challenges Are Ruining Games

Halo Infinite fans have yet another problem with the Battle Pass challenges and they’re ruining plenty of games right now!

Halo Infinite has been a breath of fresh air for gamers. Taking the FPS genre back to its roots with some classic arena shooter gameplay, many gamers simply can’t put it down.

However, this isn’t to say that Halo Infinite is perfect. Players have been complaining that the Halo Infinite Battle Pass takes way too long to level up.

This has also changed how players view the Battle Pass challenges and, in turn, is ruining many games of Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Halo Infinite Players Don’t Play The Objective Becasue of Battle Pass Challenges

Despite developer 343 Industries making Battle Pass progression faster in a Halo Infinite update, players are still struggling to level up. This is having an unfortunate effect on matches in the game.

Instead of playing the objective, many Halo Infinite players are now playing to just complete their daily and weekly challenges. A new post on the Halo subreddit showcases this problem perfectly.

Although, maybe players wouldn’t be so desperate to level up if the Halo infinite cosmetic microtransactions weren’t so expensive.

Halo player infestationE15 was in a game of Oddball and his teammate wouldn’t pick up the Oddball. This is despite being very close to a win.

The player who refused to pick up the Oddball explained his reason behind not playing the objective. It was because he needed to complete challenges to level up.

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta
343 Industries

Unfortunately, this is becoming a very common occurrence for Halo Infinite players who prioritize completing challenges up over winning the game and it is ruining matches for many players.

This issue is made even worse as Halo Infinite doesn’t have a way of selecting game modes yet so players are put into game modes where they don’t want to play the objective.

Hopefully, developer 343 Industries adds some more objective-based challenges rather than ones that are kill-based soon. This would get players trying to actually win matches more.

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Meanwhile, a huge new leak has revealed every upcoming customization item in the Halo Infinite store. Unfortunately, though, it’ll cost an insane amount of money to buy everything in the Halo Infinite store.

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