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Halo Infinite: All Battle Pass Unlocks – Season 0 Tech Preview

Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview is finally here, and players are getting ready to drop into the fight. But what can you unlock in the Season 0 Battle Pass for Halo Infinite’s Public Flighting?

If you’re one of the lucky players to get your hands on the Halo Infinite Tech Preview, congratulations! Hundreds of thousands of fans have finally gotten their Public Flighting invites after weeks of waiting.

If you missed out this time, be sure to sign up for the next Halo Infinite Tech Preview here!

But for those about to enter the Halo Infinite Public Flighting, you’ve got a shiny new Battle Pass ahead of you. The Season 0 Battle Pass for Halo Infinite is named ‘For Our Tomorrow’, and everyone will be granted some free credits to unlock it.

Halo Infinite Armor Core
(Source: 343 Industries)

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass will have 20 tiers to unlock, with nearly every one containing both a free and premium reward. And although progress won’t carry over to the full release, we already know what you can unlock in-game.

You’ll also have access to all the weapons in Halo Infinite Tech Preview right from the start!

Meanwhile, here’s everything we learned from the Halo Infinite Technical Preview stream, with customization, multiplayer details, and more!

Halo Infinite Season 0 Battle Pass Unlocks – For Our Tomorrow

Want to jump in and start customizing your Spartan? Here’s what you can unlock in the Halo Infinite Battle Pass to help out!

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Tiers 1-10

Tier 1:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium – Aviator (Rare Helmet)

Tier 2:
Free – Karaba Sirocco (Rare Armor Coating)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable) – Check out How to Use Halo Infinite XP Boosts here!

Tier 3:
Premium – Rampant (Epic Visor)

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Halo Infinite Battle Pass Challenge Swap
(Source: 343 Industries)

Tier 4:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium – UA/Agathius (Epic Right Shoulder Pad)

Tier 5:
Premium – UA/Agathius (Epic Right Shoulder Pad)

Tier 6:
Free – Cloven Seafoam (Rare Armor Coating)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable)

Tier 7:
Premium – Goblin (Rare Visor)

Tier 8:
Free – Scorpion Punch (Epic Armor Coating)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable)

Tier 9:
Premium – Phalanx (Rare Visor)

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Visor
(Source: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Tiers 10-20

Tier 10:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable)

Tier 11:
Premium – UA/Alair (Common Right Shoulder Pad)

Tier 12:
Premium – UA/Alair (Common LeftShoulder Pad)

Tier 13:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium – Vandal (Epic Visor)

Tier 14:
Premium – Blue Rampage (Epic Armor Coating)

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Halo Infinite Amor Coating Battle Pass
(Source: 343 Industries)

Tier 15:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium –

Tier 16:
Free – Cosmic Corruption (Epic Armor Coating)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable)

Tier 17:
Free – Ghost Grey (Epic Armor Coating)
Premium – XP Boost (Consumable)

Tier 18:
Premium – Dragoon (Epic Visor)

Tier 19:
Free – Challenge Swap (Consumable)
Premium – UA/Type SP (Epic Knee Pads)

Tier 20:
Premium – Trailblazer (Epic Helmet)

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Halo Infinite Battle Pass Tier 20 Trailblazer
(Source: 343 Industries)

Aside from the Battle Pass, players will also be able to unlock new Fractures armor sets in exclusive events. Although we imagine it won’t be present in the Public Flights, here’s how to unlock the Halo Infinite Yoroi armor!

Meanwhile, we’ve got more details about Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass, Seasons, Live Service content and more! And Xbox head Phil Spencer reveals why Halo Infinite doesn’t have a release date yet.

But one major content creator is already calling Halo Infinite’s lack of a Battle Royale a huge missed opportunity. Although a few fans certainly feel similarly, we’re definitely enjoying the return to a classic Multiplayer experience.

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