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Halo Infinite AI Scan Trick Gives Easy Wall Hacks & Players Don’t Use It

Halo Infinite players need to start using their AI Scan to provide legitimate wall hacks in-game.

It’s been a couple of months since the launch of Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer and players are still learning new tricks. In such a skill-based shooter, getting an edge over your opponent can mean the difference between a win or loss.

The best players out there can even beat Halo Infinite cheaters, as we saw in an incredible new Mint Blitz video. Now, the pro player is back with another trick that involves free wall hacks with AI Scan.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
343 Industries

But first, make sure you know the new Halo Infinite Double Jump technique that changes everything you thought you knew about the game.

And you can also shoot twice as fast with the Halo Infinite Double Shot trick!

Halo Infinite Free Wall Hacks With AI Scan

If you’re looking for an easy way to see your opponents’ positions through walls, look no further than AI Scan.

Although AI Scan is a free ability that every Spartan has on them in Halo Infinite, it’s definitely under-utilized. And while many players know it exists, we doubt more than a handful of readers will have used it to their advantage in Multiplayer.

AI Scan is an ability that you can trigger by pressing Down on the D-Pad or Z on keyboard. The ability sends out a pulse that will detect all nearby equipment, grenades, and weapons on the map.

Not only can you use this to find Power Weapons in unexpected places (such as ones dropped by fallen enemies) but it also helps you indirectly spot enemies through walls.

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Halo Infinite AI Scan
343 Industries

In the image above, one Halo Infinite player is using AI Scan to see weapon lockers and more around the map. And while it’s the user’s teammates that are highlighted, AI Scan can also be used to find your enemies.

If you keep an eye on grenades and weapon spawns, it’s easy to see when other players pick them up. And this knowledge lets you learn not only where enemy Spartans are, but also what weapons they could be carrying.

In a new video by Halo content creator Mint Blitz, the YouTuber shows off just how useful the AI Scan wall hacks can be in Infinite.

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Adam h

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

What a stupid article. That isn't a hack it's called being observant.