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Halo Infinite 6 Weeks of Events Start Today – Cyber Showdown, Tactical Ops, Tenrai

Halo Infinite is about to get a marathon of event weeks, with 3 upcoming celebrations giving fans the content they’re demanding.

If you’re a fan of events in Halo Infinite, you’re sure to love the next 6 weeks in 343’s newest shooter. There are plenty of rewards to earn and even a couple of new game modes to try out, as we try out 2 brand-new events and 1 returning favorite.

Today, Halo Infinite players can enjoy Cyber Showdown, a retro gaming-themed event that brings a new way to play.

Not only can you unlock some stylish new armor effects and rewards, starting today, but it looks like a fan-favorite game mode is also returning to Halo Infinite!

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown
343 Industries

Cyber Showdown will last for 2 weeks, from January 18-31. But once the event comes to an end, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Fracture: Tenrai will return from February 1-7 once again. Except this time, we’re prepared to be much happier about the event’s microtransactions!

After all, Halo Infinite’s Store overhaul is dropping today, with some major changes and price reductions!

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Is Back Again

Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai event will be back several more times before it’s gone for good – but are players growing tired of it?

Initially, Fracture: Tenrai was a fun new event that brought Fiesta to Halo Infinite. But now that Fiesta and other new game modes are here to stay, some may see Tenrai as overstaying its welcome.

And if you don’t feel like that yet, just wait until the event returns 3 more times in February, March, and April.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai
343 Industries

Thankfully, we’ll get the mysterious new Tactical Ops event next month too.

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Halo Infinite Full Event Schedule

According to the latest information and leaks, here is the current schedule for Halo Infinite events:

  • Cyber Showdown – January 18-31
  • Fracture: Tenrai – February 1-7
  • Tactical Ops – February 8-21
  • Fracture: Tenrai – February 22-28
  • Fracture: Tenrai – March 29-April 4
  • Finally, Fracture: Tenrai – April 19-25

Right now, Halo Infinite hackers are making Tactical Slayer unplayable for some fans. But 343 is promising to address cheating issues in Halo Infinite’s February update, so hopefully the issue won’t persist for too long.

Speaking of cheating, this new Halo Infinite wall hack trick gives all players a way to spot enemies easily!

There’s even a secret way to double jump in Halo Infinite that players are just now discovering.

And don’t miss the return of Big Team Battle in Infinite, as the game mode is finally getting a fix.

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