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Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 Graphics Comparison Reveals Huge Improvements

Halo Infinite is one of our most anticipated titles of 2021, and this graphics comparison shows huge improvements over its 2020 reveal.

If you were one of the millions of Xbox gamers disappointed by Halo Infinite’s 2020 delay, we get it. Originally, Halo was going to be launching alongside the Xbox Series X/S as one of the best possible reasons to grab a next-gen console.

As far as launch titles go, this was the biggest one Microsoft could possibly offer, and hype levels were high. But after a lackluster 2020 showcase, backlash online led to a significant delay.

Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 Graphics Comparison

Halo Infinite’s graphics just weren’t what players expected from a next-gen title. And so Microsoft made the choice to delay Halo and release it in 2021 instead.

Now, it looks like we’re finally getting the Halo Infinite we were all hoping for, just one year later.

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Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 – Graphics Comparison

Xbox YouTuber ‘Why’ has put together an incredible Halo Infinite graphics comparison, revealing what has changed between 2020 and 2021.

In just one extra year of development time, artists over at 343 Industries have certainly been busy. And from what we can see, there have been tremendous graphical improvements to Halo Infinite since its debut in 2020.

The new video by Why shows off just some of the best direct comparisons we have between Halo’s 2020 gameplay trailer and its new E3 2021 footage. And while some differences can be chalked up to a change in lighting or background, it’s clear that there are some big upgrades across the board.

Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 Graphics Comparison Halo Ring

Master Chief himself has received quite the upgrade, as has the world of Halo Infinite around him. Other notable improvements are visible in the weaponry of Halo Infinite, and the game’s overall lighting.

Halo Infinite Visual Improvements 2021

But one thing we’re currently missing is the visual differences in the game’s Covenant enemies. After all, it was the close-up image of a Brute’s face that set off a lot of the initial complaints about Halo Infinite last year.

We’ll have to trust that Halo Infinite’s Campaign will be every bit as incredible as that of its Multiplayer. In case you missed it, a new trailer for Halo Infinite’s Free-To-Play Multiplayer shows off what to expect from release day later this year.

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Halo Infinite 2020 vs 2021 Graphics Comparison Assault Rifle

If you’re as eager as we are to get playing Halo Infinite this year, you’re in luck. You can sign up for Halo Infinite’s public flighting beta testing right here!

And Xbox is even letting player design their own unique controller before Halo launches later in 2021! When facing down a new alien threat, it helps to have the proper gear!

Don’t forget that while Halo’s Multiplayer will be free for everyone, Infinite’s Campaign is coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch! Here’s everything else coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021 and beyond!

But if you’re still looking for your next-gen Xbox console to play Halo on, you’re in luck! Here are all the Xbox Series X/S restocks coming this week!

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