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Hacks Are Ruining Warzone – Players Say Cheating Is Worse Than Ever

Warzone is so full of hacks and cheaters at the moment that players think the problem is worse than ever.

Cheating has been a problem in Warzone veer since the game launched. Both Activision and Raven have tried to stop it, but it may not have worked.

Warzone players are now reporting that hacks and cheating are more common than ever.

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Warzone Anti-Cheat Not Working?

Over the past few days, a number of people have posted in the Warzone subreddit complaining about the number of cheaters they have been encountering recently.

Many players say that they encounter cheaters using aimbots or wall hacks in almost every Warzone game they play.

Players like Redditor MoreConversation68 claim that there are more cheaters playing Warzone now than ever before. This is despite Raven banning thousands of players in multiple ban waves.

MoreConversation68 Reddit

The only way to stop cheaters from using hacks in Warzone is for the developer to invest in an anti-cheat system. Activision has confirmed that it is stepping up Warzone anti-cheat soon, but it has been less than successful so far.

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Many players are waiting for this to come and hacks to be removed, but NICKMERCS believes that Warzone anti-cheat is "not even possible" at this point.

Some Warzone players are even threatening to stop playing the game unless the cheating problem is addressed soon.

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Warzone Hacks Make Players Want A New Battle Royale

At the end of two popular Reddit posts about Warzone hacks, players have expressed their desire to play a new battle royale game. Reddit user '99442' says "I hope a new BR comes soon", while MoreConversation68 hopes that Battlefield 6 has a battle royale mode.

Luckily, a new leak has revealed that the upcoming Battlefield game could have a huge battle royale mode.

99442 Reddit

However, we still hope that Warzone can turn it around and stop hacks before many players quit the game. Hopefully, the huge Season 3 update that may bring a new map could be a turning point for Warzone.

Meanwhile, a Warzone player has finally worked out how SBMM works. Also, Cold War and Warzone players on PlayStation can also claim a free skin and blueprints as part of the new free new PS Plus Combat pack.

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