The latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer has revealed Iono, one of the new Paldean Gym leaders you will be facing on your journey.

Gyms are a core aspect of the Pokemon franchise, and definitely make the experience of journeying across a Pokemon-filled land feel more impactful.

Their Gym leaders offer tests of strength, ability, and strategy and essentially work as level gates to ensure newer players don’t get too ahead of themselves.

It helps too when they’ve got a big personality and a fun design, not unlike the Gym leader we saw today. Although, no one will top the fantastic design of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s new villain Mela!

Who Is Iono in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Iono is a streamer, influencer, and the Electric-type Levincia Gym Leader that players will face in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

It seems like she has her own internet show called the Iono Zone where she interacts with her adoring fans. In the trailer we saw, she asks them to guess what her partner Pokemon is.

Iono talking about being the Gym Leader

Outside of her bubbly personality, Iono also sports two Magnemite hairclips that many mistake for being real. In fact, they’re just “fancy” clips that can move about on her head.

What is Iono’s Partner Pokemon?

Iono’s partner Pokemon is the frog-like electric-type Bellibolt that was unveiled in the “Meet Bellibolt” trailer. It’s a huge green Pokemon with an enormous belly.

It has the ability to expand and contract its stomach to generate massive amounts of electricity, which is sure to come in handy when defending the Levincia Gym.

Iono and Bellibolt standing next to each other

Bellibolt is just another of the many of the exciting new Gen 9 exclusive Pokemon that players can meet and catch across their journey.

What Pokemon Does Iono Use?

It is currently unclear as to what Iono’s entire Pokemon team will be, as very little was actually confirmed in the trailer, however, the Pokemon Bellibolt will obviously be a part of it.

We get to see her use Bellibolt in battle while defending her Gym in a second trailer dedicated to showcasing Bellibolt and Iono.

There is, of course, plenty of room to speculate who will appear in her team. Outside of Bellibolt, it is also very likely that she will have a Magnemite in her team as seems to be smitten with them.

Bellibolt from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet expanding his body

We also catch a glimpse of a Pikachu in the trailer, so it is possible she will be using the iconic electric mouse Pokemon.

Of course, taking on the Gym Leaders including Iono is only one of the many story paths players’ can take in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

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