The Gutter Knife and the Karambit, the MW3 melee weapons, just got a massive nerf in Ranked Play due to player complaints.

Call of Duty Ranked Play is a mode that restricts what weapons players can use, aiming to create a more competitive experience in Activision’s shooter franchise.

Shortly after MW3 Ranked Play arrived, players began to call for knives to be banned, due to their low Time to Kill and significant boost to movement speed.

In place of a ban, Activision is giving MW3 users the next best thing – a big nerf to the Gutter Knife and Karambit.

Gutter Knife & Karambit Nerfs

In a surprising new nerf to melee, the Gutter Knife and the Karambit now require two hits to eliminate a player, exclusively in MW3 Ranked Play.

This is the first major balance change we’ve seen that affects the competitive mode but not standard matchmaking. Knife fans can still enjoy their weapon’s one-hit-kill playstyle in regular multiplayer.

MW3’s secondary melee weapons, the Gutter Knife and Karambit, are the only usable knives in Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play.

Gutter Knife in Call of Duty League Rules

This is due to all MW2 weapons being restricted in the mode as part of the Call of Duty League’s standard ruleset.

Ever since Ranked Play dropped, we’ve seen players calling for knives to be banned from the mode entirely, due to how powerful they can be in close-quarters situations.

Now, taking a knife as your secondary weapon comes with a trade-off. It still offers you a boost to your movement speed, but you’re less likely to win in a 1v1 against an enemy with a gun.

Are Knives Banned in the Call of Duty League?

Knives are not technically banned in Call of Duty League matches, but they are restricted in self-imposed Gentleman’s Agreements (GAs) agreed upon by the game’s community.

These GAs are an assortment of weapons, equipment, and attachments that all League players agree not to use, in order to make the game a more fair and balanced experience.

Ghost Using Knife in MW3 Rust

Interestingly, Treyarch recently mentioned that Gentleman’s Agreement bans will be considered when it comes to adding to the competitive ruleset.

But now that the Gutter Knife and Karambit nerf changes melee options into two-hit-kills, a ban on the MW3 secondary weapons may not even be necessary.

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