There’s a brand-new item dropping in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 – here’s where to find the Guardian Shield!

Although Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 takes place on an island pulled together from several different realities, it certainly has more of a medieval theme than anything else.

After all, we’ve got castles to explore, villages that wouldn’t look out of place in The Witcher, and The Ageless in his knight’s armor is our Tier 100 Battle Pass reward.

So it makes sense that instead of some high-tech weaponry, we’re instead getting a shield to take into battle.

How to Use the Guardian Shield

How to Get Guardian Shield in Fortnite

The best places to find the Guardian Shield are in Oathbound Chests in areas that host a lot of the high-tier chests such as Shattered Slabs and The Citadel.

They reportedly have a 40% spawn rate in these Oathbound Chest locations, so seek out the rare chests for a good chance at finding one.

Best Places to Find Guardian Shield Fortnite

Both The Citadel and Shattered Slabs are home to several Oathbound Chests, making them great places to begin your search!

Make sure you know how to use a Capture Point to claim a POI in Fortnite and you’ll have no trouble finding the rare loot!

How to Use Guardian Shield in Fortnite

To use the Guardian Shield, simply cycle over to it in your weapon list and hold RT/R2/Left Click to activate the item. This will allow you to hold a shield in front of yourself and allies.

The item can also be thrown down using LT/L2/Right Click and then the fire button, allowing players to protect themselves from incoming fire. When thrown, the shield offers a much larger protective cover while draining its energy.

Once deployed, players can use the interact button on the shield (Square / X / E) to reclaim it at any time. And unlike certain other shields, the Guardian Shield cannot be fired through from either direction.

Throw Guardian Shield Fortnite

After a short time, the shield will begin blinking purple, signifying that it’s about to run out. Once out of juice entirely, players will need to wait for it to recharge and then suffer a 10-second cooldown before using it once again.

While the Guardian Shield is active, it will cover a large area with a protective forcefield, similar to Reinhardt’s shield in Overwatch. But too much incoming damage will drain the shield’s energy, so players can’t rely on it forever.

Interestingly, Fortnite’s Shockwave Hammer also resembles one of Reinhardt’s signature weapons. And in case you missed it, the Shockwave Hammer just got a heavy nerf!

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