Where Will GTA 6 Be Set? Grand Theft Auto 6 Location

Where will GTA 6 be set in

With GTA 5 being such a huge hit and a truly revolutionary game, the big question right now is “where will GTA 6 be set?”. Although it is still relatively premature to be thinking of Grand Theft Auto 6, we’ve no doubt Rockstar are currently deciding or already know where the next title will be set. We’re going to break down each potential location with the information out there so far, so we can probably narrow it down to a few likely places. The likeliness for each place will be rated out of 10.

Where Will GTA 6 Be Set?

GTA 6 London – 2/10

GTA 6 LondonGrand Theft Auto V writer Dan Houser didn’t sound convinced when talking about London as a future GTA location. In his interview with The Guardian he stated “I think for us, my gut feeling is, GTA London was cool for the time, but games were more limited then. These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game. I think there are plenty of great stories we could tell about the UK, great environments to showcase, great gameplay mechanics that could have a UK bent to them – I just don’t think it would be a GTA necessarily.”

To most GTA fans London would be on a potential shortlist for a great GTA 6 map. It was the map back in 1999 ,however it really doesn’t seem like this is going to be the case for the next version. Based on Dan’s comments we can say it’s most likely not going to be set in the UK at all.

GTA 6 Tokyo – 3/10

GTA 6 TokyoIt has been reported from Techradar that Tokyo was previously considered as a GTA map. However, after a visit and deeper scrutiny from Rockstar, it was found the structure of Tokyo’s streets weren’t suitable for the game.

Although Tokyo has many features to emulate as a great GTA 6 map, their street structure won’t have changed since they last reviewed it. It’s unlikely that Rockstar will change their minds on this.

GTA 6 New York City – 6/10

GTA 6 New York CityGrand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City was previously set in New York and it proved it be very popular. This location has countless iconic landmarks, along with a suitable street structure.

Many players would agree this would make a great location, however developers are often hesitant to go back to the past. We are marking New York as a possibility, the game has progressed massively since 2009 and next installment could really unlock the true potential of New York in GTA.

GTA 6 Las Vegas – 2/10

GTA 6 Las VegasMany of you may be surprised why this hasn’t been a GTA map already. Beyond the strip, anyone who has been to Vegas will probably be surprised at how big it is. The personality of Vegas suits GTA very well and we can imagine Rockstar would have a lot of fun making this.

However, Vegas is pretty isolated in the Nevada desert. Compared to LA, it’s a lot smaller in terms of both size and population. Besides the strip, the landscape is relatively predictable and going as far as the Grand Canyon would leave a lot of boring, empty road in the game. A key stumbling block is also that Vegas is landlocked. This location doesn’t seem likely.

GTA 6 Hong Kong – 4/10

GTA 6 Hong KongA relatively westernized city of the coast of China’s mainland. The busy, iconic city surrounded by water makes an interesting landscape with a lot of potential.

We could certainly see Rockstar pulling this off as a success, however it would be a riskier move compared to staying in the U.S. We’re marking this as a small possibility but we wouldn’t bank on it!

GTA 6 San Fransisco – 5/10

GTA 6 San FranciscoGeographically close and culturally similar to Los Santos. The Tall city, urban areas and poor areas makes a good combination for a GTA map. Being on the coast also ticks the box of previous map locations chosen by Rockstar.

California has been the location of many games in recent years and they may want to freshen things up. This is a city which ticks the boxes and is more likely than abroad, but we don’t feel this is one of the most likely locations.

GTA 6 Seattle – 4/10

GTA 6 SeattleStaying on the West Coast could certainly be an option. However, the weather would be a far-cry different from Los Santos so you’d have to get used to driving in rain.

Seattle has a population of 650,000 compared with L.A’s 3.8 million. It is also significantly smaller in size which could limit the potential of Seattle. We’re rating this 4 out of 10 for likeliness.

GTA 6 Boston – 4/10

GTA 6 BostonBack in the East coast, the oldest city in the U.S could be an interesting candidate. Built up areas, curvy roads and quiet neighborhoods could go down well. The city has some very interesting landmarks but they’re not quite as globally recognized as L.A or New York.

The weather could also be an interesting factor here with lots of snow. This is certainly a possibility but we feel there is more potential in other Cities.

GTA 6 Miami – 6/10

GTA 6 MiamiA location used previously in GTA with Vice City. If Rockstar choose to go back here it could certainly work well again. It possesses all the necessary features, evidently from being chosen before.

However, as mentioned with New York; Rockstar may be reluctant to go back to the past and might want to try something new.

GTA 6 Paris – 2/10

GTA 6 ParisThe iconic, famous city of Paris ticks a lot of boxes. However, as outlined below it’s a pretty big risk to go outside the United States.

Although this could be a very fun map, we don’t think it’s likely for the next installment.

Why it’s likely to stay in the USA

TechRadar reported Rockstar has realized the difficulty in moving Grand Theft Auto outside of the USA, where it has firmly embedded itself. There are a number of series staples, from brands to cars, that Rockstar would likely have to change if a future GTA was set somewhere else.”

This makes a lot of sense from a business point-of-view. GTA 5 has been incredibly popular and Rockstar will be reluctant to change a working formula. This is a game with a long development cycle and they’re unlikely to be overly risky.

We expect there to be approximately a 7 year gap between the release of GTA 5 and 6, so the improved hardware capabilities alone will allow for a much improved game without changing too much. Rockstar have also gained a lot more experience and user feedback since 2013, they now know how important the online version is and new features which are likely to work.

So, where will GTA 6 be?

Overall it seems very likely Grand Theft Auto will stay in the United States. The locations we have rated most likely are New York and Miami. Other possible locations include Seattle, Boston or San Francisco. Obviously with so many iconic cities in the world, it is very hard to predict without more information from Rockstar. We cannot absolutely rule out any particular city, but a few popular candidates seem unlikely. Namely; London, Las Vegas, Tokyo or Paris.

Which location do you think will be chosen? Are there any we haven’t mentioned which you’d love to see?

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Sources: The Guardian, TechRadar


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