GTA Online Update: The biggest GTA Update in history!

GTA Online Update

As you know GTA 6 is about 3-4 years away. So Rockstar have announced the biggest GTA Online Update in history! This GTA Online Update will only be available on GTA 5. Look below at the update details.

This update is called finance and felony and it will arrive on the 7th June. This is thought to be the most profiting update in GTA History!

What changes will happen in the GTA Online Update:

  • It gives players the chance to make huge profit from their own organisation!
  • New gameplay
  • New vehicles
  • Exciting new features and much more

One of the new vehicles is theĀ GTA Pegassi ReaperPegassi Reaper.










SOURCE: Rockstar Games Newswire

A trailer for this latest expansion is due next week.

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