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GTA Online Weekly Update July 1st – Independence Day Event & More

Rockstar Games have another week full of discounts and ways to earn more money while playing GTA Online alone or with your friends from July 1st. This week is also to celebrate American Independence Day on the 4th July 2021!

Join in on all the action this week by buying all the latest and discounted items available around Los Santos and Blaine County. Show off your Podium Vehicle win, latest clothing, and top businesses making you money!

GTA Online Weekly Update 01/07/21

Diamond Casino and Resort Podium Vehicle

Currently, at The Diamond Casino and Resort, the Podium Vehicle that is available to win this week is the Sabre Hotring which would cost you $830,000 any other week. Try your chances and win the Podium Vehicle which is perfect for car meet-ups in GTA and ready to wow the crowd.

This Week’s GTA Online Discounts

This week you have a range of different vehicles and businesses you can buy cheaper than normal, with up to 50% off some of them. So why not get what you might have been wanting to buy but couldn’t afford?

They are listed below:

  • Bunkers – 50% off + Renovations and Upgrades
  • Besra – $690,000
  • Annihilator – $1,095,000
  • Titan – $1,200,000
  • Vapid Flash GT – $1,172,500
  • Albany Roosevelt Valor – $589,200
  • Kosatka + Renovations from $18,750
  • Winky – $577,500
  • Fire Truck – $1,729,875
  • Liberator – $371,007
  • Buzzard – $1,050,000
  • Dinka Veto Classic – $626,500
  • Declasse Drift Tampa – $597,000
  • MOC + Renovations from $69,000
  • Western Sovereign – $60,000
GTA Online

Also get 50% off the Independence Day Content:

  • Liberator ($371,007)
  • Sovereign ($60,000)
  • Weapons (Mk II liveries)
  • Clothing
  • Face Paints
  • Hairstyle
  • Patriot Tire Smoke
  • Horns
  • MOC Liveries

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Triple Money and RP

You can also earn triple GTA$ and RP to help you make more purchases in GTA Online.

  • X3 GTA$ + RP on Stockpile Adversary Mode
  • X3 GTA$ + RP on MOC Missions
  • X2 GTA$ + RP on Treasure Chests and Hidden Caches

Do you like doing time trials in GTA Online? Fancy giving them a go? Well this week the locations of them are:

  • Time Trial – Storm Drain
  • RC Bandito Time Trial – Davis Quartz

Free GTA Online Goodies

This week you can also gain a FREE Firework Launcher and Independence Day clothing is now available. Plus the Musket is now in GTA Online at last, to celebrate the special event.

GTA Online logo and money bags

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Prime Gaming is offering GTA Online Players another GTA$100K and 80% off the Sugoi. What’s more, Prime subscribers can get 70% off the Valkyrie.

And finally, all PlayStation Plus members should be sure to claim their GTA$1,000,000 for the PS4 version of GTA Online every month until GTA V launches on the PS5. Visit the PS Store before the end of the month to claim your bonus.

On top of that, be sure to claim this month’s free PS Plus games too, as they’re not to be missed!

We actually already know when GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced will be dropping on next-gen consoles. Until then, we’ll be covering all the new GTA Online updates as they arrive.

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