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GTA Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Available Now, Update Size & Details

After months of waiting for Rockstar to release a new DLC for GTA Online has finally come! The Los Santos Tuners event is live across all platforms. 

We’ve been getting teases for GTA Online’s 2021 Summer DLC for weeks now, and the date has finally arrived. There’s never been a better time to jump back into GTA than now!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a few pretty big updates for GTA Online, with new vehicles, free cosmetics, and more. But now, Rockstar is gracing us with a proper DLC experience.

New Races in Los Santos

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners DLC

This new DLC introduces the LS Car Meet which has shared social space where you and your beloved personal vehicle can meet up and show off with chances to win nice easy money.

Members will also get to compete in rotating Prize Ride Challenges for the opportunity to win a special Prize Ride and get access to a range of special shops and features including the Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, and the Modding Area!

The GTA Online DLC will have new races inside and outside of the car meet location with their own leaderboards. 

You can take part in Head-to-Head, Street Stunt Races and Pursuit Series.

Check out everything new in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners DLC here!

Image from Newswire for GTA Online DLC

You can also test drive the Karin Calico GTF and Annis Euros at the LS Car Meet , or complete the Prize Ride Challenge to win the Annis Remus, all part of Los Santos Tuners DLC! 

Did you steal and successfully selling a vehicle to LS Customs in Freemode so you would earn the Los Santos Customs Coveralls, perfect for your inner grease-monkey? If so, claim your rewards by playing Los Santos Tuners on or after July 20. Your items will land in your Wardrobe 72 hours after logging in after July 23. 

Los Santos Tuners Update Sizes

  • Xbox Download Size – 3.5GB
  • PlayStation Download Size – 3.6GB
  • PC Download Size – 4.3GB

Also, when GTA Online launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year, select vehicles will be upgradable with all new speed improvements and more from this DLC.

These special upgrades will be available only on PS5 and Series X|S versions of GTA 5. And, in case you missed it, we just got our first concept image leak for GTA 6!

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