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GTA Online Could Offer Clues to GTA 6 – According to Reddit Community

While it’s purely speculation at this stage, the eagle-eyed Reddit community has some interesting theories about the cars in GTA 6. As well as how they will work.

Rockstar have a habit of testing certain features, which they are planning on incorporating into the next GTA game; in their current titles.

For example, cars and mechanics that were used in GTA 5 were tested in GTA 4 Online first. The community believes Rockstar are doing this again – but quietly.

While the GTA 6 speculation can be studied in detail on the main Reddit thread. Here’s a breakdown of what the community are saying:

Cars In GTA 6 Could Be Much More Realistic

The community believe there is evidence to suggest that cars in GTA 6 will be more realistic. Not just in how they look, feel and handle – but in how they are destroyed.

Cars in GTA usually have a certain tolerance for damage; but black smoke coming from the hood indicates they will explode soon. This helps the player know when it’s time to bail and get a new vehicle.

But one Redditor believes this will soon be a thing of the past. And that cars may now degrade is a much more realistic way.

They say that the cars engines will be more detailed. This could also lead to them operating in a more realistic fashion.

To support this claim, the Redditor explains that the car the Lampadati Tigon; (added to GTA Online in a recent update) seems to degrade in a more plausible way. This could be evidence that Rockstar is testing it quietly in GTA Online, ready for GTA 6.

He’s also noticed that certain cars exteriors are noticeably more detailed than before. This could also indicate that Rockstar are experimenting with new designs.

Rockstar Have A History Of Design Changes

This wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar have made major changes to cars destruction mechanics. Prior to GTA 5 any car that flipped upside down would automatically emit black smoke and subsequently explode.

This was regardless of how much damage it had sustained prior. The mechanic made crashes predictable and this strange rule was removed in GTA 5, making the game far more realistic.

The speculation seems to suggest Rockstar will improve on this idea further. It could lead to less explosions, but a more life-like game world.

Other Changes That Have Been Predicted

The same Redditor also suggests that missions could be less linear. Missions may just have multiple avenues that players can go down. Instead of simply ending in failure if certain parameters aren’t met.

They back this up by using the Heist Missions as evidence, and that come GTA 6 these features could be featured in most story missions.

This Reddit thread actually comes off the back of another thread in which goes into even more detail about the potential changes.

Again, this is all speculation at the moment. But the community offer a compelling argument.

It’s also completely plausible, considering GTA 6 is in development and that GTA Online would offer an excellent testing ground.