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GTA Online: Christmas Event Adds Snow, Cars, and Freebies

Christmas is just around the corner, and what good is the festive period without a bit of snow? GTA Online's Christmas event has added some yuletide fun to their ever-growing multiplayer experience.

This week in GTA Online, Christmas celebrations are already underway.

If you have been playing GTA: Online for a while then you might recognize the familiar snowfall, which is returning again this year.

Snow might seem like quite a break from the usual hot, humid and sunny climate of Los Santos and Blaine County. It does however help to get players in the festive spirit.

In order to celebrate the release of GTA Online's biggest update, The Cayo Perico Heist, players can also receive a free car this Christmas.

GTA Online: Christmas Event Details

Rockstar Games have added some festive themed changes to the game over Christmas.

The most notable addition is the return of snow, and more importantly snowball fighting.

Players will notice that GTA 5's map is now covered in a blanket of snow.

One Twitter user shows off what the snow and snowball fighting looks like in GTA: Online:

Snow in GTA: Online

If you want to start a snowball fight you need to make sure you are unarmed first.

If you're on Playstation press left on the d-pad, for Xbox users it's right instead and PC players will need to press G.

Once you've got your snowballs you can select them from your weapons menu, but be advised they aren't the most lethal weapon in your arsenal...

GTA Online: Festive Freebies

What good is Christmas without the gift of giving? Rockstar have added a number of freebies to the game for you to collect upon logging in.

In the next few days, you can receive some Holiday gifts including new and old festive masks.

Players will also recieve a fireworks launcher to celebrate in style around Los Santos.

Other bonuses include full snacks and armor and a collection of sticky bombs, grenades, proximity mines, and Molotovs.

You have to have at least one festive sweater in your drawers and in GTA Online it's no different. Players will also receive the Red Bleeder Festive Sweater and Green Cluckin' Festive Sweater.

Christmas Sweaters In GTA Online
GTA Online: Festive Sweaters

Other bonuses available to the player in GTA: Online include 2x GTA$ and RP boost on In & Out Adversary game modes.

GTA Online: Free Christmas Car

Perhaps the most important addition and the most expensive gift that Rockstar is giving away for Christmas this year is a free vehicle.

In order to celebrate Christmas players can get their hands on the brand new Grotti Brioso 300 for free.

Be advised, it certainly isn't the flashiest or fastest vehicle in the world of GTA, but it's still a fun gesture regardless.

GTA Online: Grotti Brioso 300
GTA Online: Grotti Brioso 300

In order to claim your gift simply head on over to Southern SanAndreas SuperAutos and purchase the car to add it to your inventory.

It's certainly a good time to check out GTA: Online right now, so make sure you pick up all of the freebies available to you over the Christmas period.

You might also want to brace yourself for potential news on GTA: 6 at some point, as a GTA 6 teaser was discovered in the latest update trailer.

Make sure to have a fun festive time in GTA this week, and spread the Christmas cheer. And no, that doesn't mean blow each other's cars up...

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