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GTA: Online DLC Update Finally Caters To Solo-Players

The announcement of the latest update to GTA: Online has been met with roaring success by solo players who are already excited at the possibility of a single-player heist.

The Cayo Perico Update

GTA: Online has come a long way since its debut in October 2013. The game has changed considerably since its release. With its wealth of variation, it’s easy to see why it continues to be one of the most popular online- multiplayer experiences.

Players currently have access to a ton of vehicles, including rocket bikes, military vehicles, and even Back to the Future style flying cars. But Rockstar is keen to continually add to their ever-growing online-experience.

The latest update tasks players with infiltrating a remote island compound and taking down “one of the world’s most notorious drug dealers”.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Cayo Perico Heist
Rockstar’s upcoming Heist DLC

Although this sounds like no easy task, the update also brings the addition of a submarine to the eclectic mix of available vehicles in GTA: Online.

However, the addition which has garnered the most excitement and which has had made the most impact for solo-players is the ability to do heists alone, instead of as part of a group.

GTA Online: Heist History

GTA: Online has had its fair share of content updates over the years, one of its most successful being the introduction of Heists. Heists being at the core of GTA’s Multiplayer experience.

It started in 2015 with the Heists Update which brought with it a 4-player co-operative experience, giving solo-players the ability to team up and complete various fun and exciting robbery style missions for high rewards.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists Update
Rockstar’s very first Heists update

In 2017 Rockstar brought out their Doomsday Heist update. This actually allowed solo-players to team up with a friend and take on heists as a duo. This eliminated a lot of the stress of hoping for a decent team, especially if you were a solo-player.

However one of the biggest complaints that solo-players reported was that they were essentially ‘locked out’ of multiplayer content. Heist’s also require a number of ‘set up’ missions which can be problematic when introducing the chaos of random players.

Rockstar’s Diamond Heist Casino Update, currently the latest heist for GTA: Online, sought to fix this issue. Solo-players were given the ability to complete ‘set-up’ missions solo. Rockstar also changed the way in which these missions worked by switching them to a free-mode activity.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Diamond Casino Heist update
GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist Update

Up until now, most heists have required a team that can work together and get the job done effectively. This can be difficult when your team consists of an angry ten-year-old and a person with a terrible microphone.

Solo Players And The Future

It’s clear to see that solo players have a lot to be excited about, with GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Update. It’s clear that this has been something solo-players have wanted for a long time.

No longer will players have to deal with frustrating teammates, or the absence of a friend to help out. The latest update coming on December 15th should give solo players enough to focus on for the time being.

If you were lucky enough to nab yourself a brand-new PS5 then you also have the expanded and enhanced version of GTA 5 coming in 2021 to look forward to as well.

Perhaps according to the Reddit community, GTA: Online could already offer clues about GTA 6. It’s certainly an exciting time for fans of GTA and its online multiplayer experience.

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