It’s official, the first trailer for the eagerly-anticipated GTA 6 finally has a release date and time confirmed!

It’s been over a decade since the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5, and Rockstar Games is ready to reveal what’s next for the franchise at long last.

Now, we know when in ‘early December’ we’ll be getting that GTA 6 trailer. And no, it’s not dropping at The Game Awards (Geoff Keighley wishes)!

Release Time & Date

The first trailer for GTA will drop on December 5, 2023 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM GMT.

This was confirmed on the first of the month by Rockstar Games’ official X (formerly Twitter) account. What a great way to celebrate the official 25th anniversary of the studio!


The first-ever official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will go live in .

We’re looking forward to finding out what Rockstar has been up to for the last 10 years, and what strides forward the franchise will be taking.

What Will the Trailer Show?

Judging by the reveal trailers for GTA 4, 5, and the more recent Red Dead Redemption 2, we can expect the following things from the first GTA 6 trailer:

  1. A beautiful showcase of modern-day Vice City

In case you missed it, early development footage leaked back in September 2022 revealed that the rumors were true and GTA 6 will take place in Vice City.

This Miami setting will likely be shown off at all times of day. Previous trailers have often begun at sunrise and concluded at sunset, showing the new game’s world as it appears throughout the day.

  1. A look at the GTA 6 protagonists

So far, leaks have indicated that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have two protagonists: Lucia and Jason. If this is true, that’ll make Lucia the first-ever female protagonist in a mainline GTA title.

We anticipate seeing our first look at the new main characters in the reveal trailer. However, given that Rockstar refers to the footage as ‘Trailer 1,’ it’s entirely possible that specifics like story and characters will be showcased at a later date.

GTA 6 Concept Logo on Vice City Background
  1. GTA 6 logo reveal

One thing we don’t doubt will turn up is the brand-new logo we’ll be looking at for the next decade or longer.

In previous reveal trailers, Rockstar Games has had game footage fade out to a clear view of the new game’s logo, so expect GTA’s new look to feature at the trailer’s conclusion.

  1. Release window & pre-orders

Although we think the GTA 6 release will be too far away for an exact date, it wouldn’t be unlike Rockstar to tease fans with a release window.

Current rumors do indicate that the new GTA could drop in Fall 2024, though we’d personally place it as a 2025 release.

Most recently, Red Dead Redemption 2’s reveal arrived on October 20, 2016, but the game itself didn’t drop until October 26, 2018 – two full years later.

However, pre-orders will likely go live only days after the December 5 GTA 6 trailer release date. In the case of RDR2, we saw the ability to pre-order the game appear only one day after the reveal trailer dropped.

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