Leaked footage of a GTA 6 police chase has surfaced online, with glimpses at both protagonists. Rockstar has yet to show anything regarding GTA 6, but plenty of leaks have already appeared due to a data breach last year.

The latest leak gives us a much more concrete look at what both protagonists currently look like in GTA 6, along with a few gameplay elements.

Most of the police chase footage is still from the developer mode of GTA 6, but it still gives players a good idea of what to expect.

GTA 6 Police Chase Video Leaks Online

Several leaks with footage of GTA 6 have appeared online thanks to GTA leaker @RockstarGTAVl, and some of it showcases what an in-game police chase will look like.

The GTA 6 female protagonist takes center stage in the footage as she guns down two police cars in a police chase. This footage, in particular, is more well-developed than we’ve seen before.

A boulder in the middle of the road even launches one of the police cars into the air during the chase sequence. This allows the protagonist to put plenty of distance between them.

It almost seems like the police chase is part of a story mission because the protagonist is aiming her weapon at the police instead of driving.

The clip only continues for a few more seconds after that. It’s important to remember that this footage does not represent the finished product. Rockstar has yet to show any gameplay, and everything we have seen is unfinished leaks.

In addition to the police chase footage, the leaks also provide us with a closer look at both protagonists:

Most of the footage that RockstarGTAVI posted has already been taken down due to copyright strikes from Rockstar.

Take-Two hasn’t given a release date or even a release frame for GTA 6, but many believe their latest finance projections point towards a Holiday 2024 release.