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GTA 6 Will Feature Upgraded NPCs, According to Rockstar Patent

Rockstar has filed a new patent for a new NPC engine, presumably for the next GTA game.

The parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, filed the new patent and would come into effect just in time for the long-awaited GTA 6. This is great news for the game, as GTA's 'Project Americas' leak has recently been suggested to be true.

The patent was filed late last year, and only recently it has been discovered by data-miners. This will bring a whole new level of realism to the crime-spree series. Plus, it might rescue NPCs from their fate as hit-and-run fodder for players.

Grand Theft Auto V Artwork
Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 6's New NPC Patent

The GTA patent itself contains a lot of video game coding jargon, making it purposefully difficult to decipher. But, some have been able to figure out what exactly this new system will entail.

The patent cites the way NPCs interact with players while they are driving their vehicles. This implies something new will come to the NPC programming system with GTA 6, potentially meaning some will be able to dive out of the way before you drive straight through them.

GTA 5 Gameplay
Grand Theft Auto V's NPCs

The patents state that "NPCs are often grouped by characteristics and perform the same motions." This is true, as it grants realistic NPC interactions for the most part, but it means you're likely to bump into more than one person with the same NPC traits, like similar voice lines or movements.

The way this GTA patent specifically addresses this is curious. Does this mean we'll get to see more types of NPCs in GTA 6? It looks as though it's likely to include a much more diverse array of non-playable characters on the streets of the world, allowing for a much more fluid and realistic gaming experience.

The patent also points out that "each NPC can define its own specific characteristics" while in motion; which implies they'll leap out of the way of a high-speed chase before it even reaches them.

This seems like a big step forward in terms of hardware, and the new smart NPCs are likely to be a product of next-gen console capabilities.

How Do We Know The Patent Is For GTA 6?

It's hard to be certain that this new patent applies to GTA 6, with the game still so far away.

But, mentions of vehicle interactions in an open-world game seem too specific for them not to be set in a modern environment. The mention of high-speed chases and the "realistic virtual world" certainly sounds like Grand Theft Auto to us.

Plus, the inventors of this directive are Simon Parr and David Hynd. They are the lead AI programmer and associate director of technology of Rockstar, so we assume that this is built for one of their games.

GTA 5 Supercars
GTA V's Supercars

Whether the new NPC technology will first appear in GTA or a new IP is yet to be seen. It's an exciting development for the video game world anyway and will allow Rockstar to lead the industry once again.

More Take-Two Interactive patents have been offering an insight into GTA 6 too. Another recent patent reveal shows how the game will cover how locations are generated.

Plus, a new leak has indicated that the new Grand Theft Auto will show the return of a classic feature.

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