The GTA 6 reveal has finally arrived, introducing fans of the series to two main characters in the game: Lucia and an unnamed male, with leaks suggesting his name is Jason.

While the trailer was only 91 seconds, there was quite a bit that keen-eyed gamers could take away from both characters.

In this article, we will dive into everything the first look at GTA 6 tells us about Lucia, the female protagonist in the upcoming game.

Everything We Know

Here is a rundown of everything we know about GTA 6 character Lucia so far:

  1. She is a criminal
  2. She partakes in holdups, robberies, and likely other similar crimes
  3. After release from jail, she is wearing an ankle monitor, shown by the GTA 6 key art
  4. She is likely in a relationship with the male protagonist

This is based on information we can see in the first trailer and the key art for the game.

1. She Is a Criminal

There are no prizes for pointing out the most obvious observation that the main character of a GTA game is a criminal.

Our first introduction to Lucia is her talking to what is likely the prison warden where she is incarcerated. Wearing an orange jumpsuit, she looks out into the courtyard, further showcasing she is in prison.

Lucia looking out prison window in GTA 6

2. Commits Robberies, Holdups, & Similar Crimes

Towards the end of the trailer, we get a short glimpse into the type of crime that Lucia partakes in. She and “Jason” enter a convenience store with the lower half of their faces covered.

They pull out a gun each and point it inward, presumably to hold everyone inside and rob the store. Earlier in the trailer, Lucia looks worried as the police drive by while she has lots of cash.

She is still wearing the same clothing as from the robbery, so it seems she may been successful in this crime, as far as we know.

GTA 6 Lucia robbing a store

3. She Is on Probation or Parole

In the key art for GTA 6, Lucia has an ankle monitor on her right leg. This suggests that while she is eventually released from prison, she only does so on probation or parole.

Only individuals released on these terms must wear an ankle monitor.

It will be interesting to see how gameplay will work when you are potentially committing crimes with someone who has a 24/7 tracker on their foot.

GTA 6 Key Art

4. She Is Likely in a Relationship With the Male Protagonist

The trailer suggests that Lucia and the male protagonist share a romantic connection rather than just a criminal partnership.

In a particular scene, the duo is portrayed as partially clothed, lying on a bed. Lucia suggestively is on top of him. We aren’t sure this is something “just friends” would do.

Lucia and Jason

That is everything we currently know about Lucia. You can watch the full GTA 6 trailer below in case you spot anything we miss!

If we discover more information, we will update this article.

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