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Huge GTA 6 Leak Reveals Story Details, Gameplay, Map, and More

An insane GTA 6 leak has suggested the course of the game's story, AI, gameplay, and more.

GTA VI leaks have been rife for a long time now. Ask any fan of the most recent Grand Theft Auto games, and they'll be at least a little curious to see how the next game is shaping up.

GTA V broke a myriad of gaming records and remains Rockstar's most popular game. And, luckily for us, GTA V could be getting a next-gen upgrade soon.

The controversial franchise has garnered a huge audience, and now is looking to expand into its next iteration. And now that an insider has confirmed the game is in development now, there's no better time to get excited about it.

Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Leak

Fans have been clamouring to find out more about the game, and a new leak has come to light that details many facets of the game. If the leaker is to be trusted, GTA VI is shaping up to be one of the biggest game of the generation.

The Huge GTA 6 Leak

The leak has come courtesy of an anonymous 4chan user who engaged in an hour-long Reddit AMA. They claimed to be an insider at Rockstar and had exclusive information pertaining to GTA VI.

The AMA was taken down by Reddit after only an hour. This has led many users to think that this makes the information leaked even more legitimate. Of course it could be because it's fake, but many users believe the contrary.

This is of course to be taken with a grain of salt. But if the things the leaker has stated come to be true, it means GTA VI will be huge.

GTA 6's Protagonist

The leaker claims that the story the main character of GTA VI's story is a white male, roughly 6'1", and is an Itallian raised in America with jet black hair.

This is contrary to previous rumours of a female protagonist. But, the leak claims that this idea was played with in 2017, but "doesn't fit with GTA's narrative". It may have been an idea once, but the leak suggests this is no longer the case.

grand theft auto gta 6 leak

This protagonist's name has not been revealed as "the name of the protagonist is a spoiler in itself". It's thought that his name will be leaked a little further down the line, so it's likely we'll be able to decipher the game better once that happens.

The lead character is set to be 34 by the time the game's credits roll. So either the game will take place over the course of a few years; or follow an interesting fan theory.

GTA 6's Story

Fans have considered that this story takes place over the course of two time periods. The theory suggests that the game takes place both in the modern day, and during the 1970s.

The player would take control of both the protagonist's father in the '70s, and then the lead character himself in the modern-day.

The mission structure of the story is set by chapters (with the leaker confirming that the first two chapters take place in the '70s), but is claimed to be "quite free". So it sounds like you won't have NPCs breathing down your neck to complete the next story mission.

grand theft auto gta 6 leak

The main story is also supposedly set to be rougly 60 hours long, so you'll be sure to get all the bang for your buck.

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GTA 6's Map

The map is claimed to be set over Miami and Florida, with another small map that only has limited interactions. It's thought this will be like Red Dead Redemption's Guarma section, with a smaller map for a small portion of the game.

The map will be smaller than that of RDR 2, but it will be "way dense". So if this comes to be true, expect much more interactible buldings.

If the game follows the previous theory about taking place over two timelines, we imagine this means we'll see two different versions of the same map.

Plus, it's mentioned that there are limited missions that take place in Liberty City; maybe this is the smaller section of the map?

GTA 6's Gameplay

The new GTA's gameplay is looking to be some of the next generation's most extensive. It's suggested that the game will really push the limits of the next generation's consoles.

The game's weather effects have been described as "insane", and it suggests that the game's storms are incredibly impressive.

grand theft auto gta 6 leak

Car customization is much more extensive, that shows the car to wear and break down over time. Some cars will become less common over time, and NPCs will comment on your ride if it's too old. Rude.

Speaking of NPCs, another recent leak has exposed how upgraded GTA 6's civilians will be.

Direct contact with explosions can blow off limbs, and attacks with machetes can leave very deep cuts on others. It looks like with info like this, GTA VI could be the series' goriest.

Plus, in terms of minigames, sections featuring surfing, windsurfing and roller derby have been mentioned. So GTA VI is looking to have enough to keep you engaged.

GTA 6's Performance

The suggestion of incredible weather effects and the more intricate details of the leak suggests the games will take full advantage of the next generation's hardware upgrades.

Primarily though, the game will be prioritised for release and performance on consoles.

The leak suggests that the team were impressed by the capabilities of the PS5, and are looking to nail their console version before making the transition to PC. The game will also make use of the Dualsense's new haptics.

grand theft auto gta 6 leak

Sorry to you PC gamers, but console gamers rejoice! It's not often that games so widespread as GTA focus on their console ports, so this is a nice change.

That's all the big and important stuff we learned from this GTA 6 leak. It's a lot to take in, but it's painted a beautiful picture of what the game will shape up to be.

This leak is one theory, but we've had a huge slew of leaks come in recently. One leak supposedly confirmed the "Project Americas" theory, and it suggests the game could take place in Vice City.

Who knows, we might even get our first peek very soon. Another leak has suggested that the GTA 6 announcement could be at the Super Bowl.

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