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GTA 6 Leak Could Confirm Return Of Classic Feature

Although Rockstar has not officially confirmed that GTA 6 is in the works, a GTA 6 leak might suggest the return of a classic feature.

Information regarding GTA 6 is rather scarce at the moment, it is rumored that the game will be coming at some point.

Although there is very little official information about GTA 6, that doesn't mean that there is no information either.

In fact, an insider has confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in development, so the game will be making an appearance in the future.

There are lots of rumors floating around regarding GTA 6, now a new discovery might hint at the return of a classic feature.

GTA 6 Leaked Feature

Thanks to the discussion by some users over at GTAForums, a new finding has discovered a potential leaked feature for GTA 6.

In the discussion thread, one user called 'rollschuh2282' posted an image that could point towards GTA 6.

The user posted a screengrab of code discovered in the files for RDR2.exe. In this code, there is mention of a parachuting file.

Interestingly enough this line of code does not exist in GTA 5 or the gta5.exe either.

Rollschuh2282's data mining findings have serious implications for the next GTA game in the series.

GTA 6 - Feature Confirmed?
GTA 6 - Feature Confirmed?

So what does this mean? Well, if the code isn't been using within GTA 5 and it isn't leftover code, it could suggest what's coming in GTA 6.

This could indicate that GTA 6 will have parachuting, a feature that has been in the series for a while.

However, we can't be sure of what features are coming to GTA 6. It is still interesting to think that this line of code could mean something greater.

Interestingly, Rockstar themselves might have hinted at the next possible location for GTA 6, in their latest update.

GTA VI - Information And Rumors

Although Rockstar is likely hard at work on GTA 5 'expanded and enhanced' edition, there is still more information regarding GTA 6.

The fact that GTA 6 classic features might have been found in RDR2's game files is telling.

Considering another GTA 5 leak has hinted that GTA 5's next-gen release might be utilizing RDR2's engine, this fits well.

There has also been further information leaked regarding the protagonist of GTA 6.

The rumor regarding GTA 6's protagonist comes from another leak, which has revealed new information about the game.

It appears that although Rockstar is quiet about GTA 6, information is still circulating.

GTA 6 Coming Soon?

GTA 5 continues to be one of Rockstar's most popular games, with frequent updates for GTA Online.

It's clear that Rockstar will want to focus on the next-gen release of GTA 5 before we hear about GTA 6.

In the meantime, you might want to check out GTA Online's Cayo Perico heist. It tasks the player with infiltrating a private island, and you can even try it solo.

With the recent addition of the New Years' update in GTA Online, we hope you've taken advantage of the free submarine upgrade too.

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