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GTA 6 Announcement Could Be At Super Bowl 55, Hints Suggest

According to rumors, GTA 6 could possibly be revealed at Super Bowl 55 this year.

GTA fans are becoming increasingly more hopeful about the potential reveal of Rockstar Games GTA 6. Currently, Rockstar Games are yet to announce their rumored project.

Interestingly, there has been a whole range of leaks and rumors regarding the game surfacing. Rockstar Games themselves have also teased the game in a recent update trailer.

Now, however, fans are starting to look forward to a potential reveal of the game. It could be that GTA 6 might be announced at Super Bowl 55 this year.

GTA 6 Super Bowl Reveal?

According to new information, GTA 6 could potentially be revealed at Super Bowl 55 next month.

GTA fans have been looking to last year’s Super Bowl for clues about GTA 6. A year ago, fans noticed that a few sneaky hints were broadcast during the event.

Speculation and excitement are building surrounding the next installment of Rockstar’s most popular franchise.

The evidence revolves around broadcasted coverage of the event last year. Super Bowl broadcasters in both the US and the UK were using not so subtle references to the GTA series.

Take a look at this image below, which showcases all of the GTA 6 Super Bowl hints.

GTA 6 Super Bowl Evidence
Source: Reddit

As you can see, these teasers and references are quite obviously call-backs to GTA Vice City. Furthermore, the use of the same color scheme, graphics, and game UI elements all hint at a connection to GTA.

However, traditionally Super Bowl broadcasts do often use references to the host city. Perhaps it is just a coincidence then that both US and UK broadcasters used GTA themed references?

Rockstar is in a prime position to tease or even reveal the game at this year’s Super Bowl 55. Fans are hopeful that given last year’s teasers, the game itself might make a surprise appearance.

One Reddit user has compiled a showcase of all the “GTA 6” Super Bowl hints, which you can see here.

GTA 6 Leaks and Rumors

Given the fact that we are seeing more and more leaks and rumors around GTA 6, it could be that GTA 6 is closer than we expect.

Although it might be unlikely the game will be revealed at the Super Bowl this year, fans are still excited regardless.

Interestingly enough, one insider has confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in development. Therefore, perhaps the game has been in production longer than expected.

It’s important to remain quietly optimistic, however, Rockstar Games’ commitment to quality, polished titles does often come with a long wait.

Rockstar Games' GTA 5
Rockstar Games’ GTA 5

It’s also important to consider that recent leaks regarding GTA 6’s map also correlate pretty well with last year’s Super Bowl teasers.

According to this teaser, Rockstar themselves seem to be hinting at the location of the next game.

However, Rockstar is currently working on their next-gen release of GTA 5, which still proves to be one of the most successful titles in gaming history.

It appears that Rockstar might not be ready just yet to announce their latest GTA installment. Interestingly though, Rockstar patents have been found which suggest GTA 6 will have this next-gen feature.

We will continue to keep you updated on any news, leaks, or rumors regarding GTA 6. However, undoubtedly as the game inevitably creeps closer, fans will have more and more to look forward to.

In the mean-time, here’s hoping the Super Bowl 55 has some good news for GTA fans and gamers alike.

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