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GTA 5 Voice Actor Gives XQC Tips After Failed Bank Heist

XQC receives advice from one of gaming’s most notorious – and most loved – bank robbers after his recent GTA Online heist went awry.

XQC’s bank heist drama has been fun to watch in recent days. Despite it potentially giving the poor guy some cardiac concerns! But help has come from an unlikely - yet wholly qualified - source when it comes to online bank raids!

If you’d like to learn the background of this story, then you can read about XQC’s recent GTA Online antics in full here. But in short, his recent GTA RP experience was an intensely stressful one! If not entertaining for those not directly involved.

The streamer has a history of dramatic streams. He was also recently shut down by the huge storms that shook the state of Texas.  

But XQC’s latest heart-racing drama has made it to the ears of Ned Luke, who’s best known for being the voice actor of Michael De Santana in GTA 5. He also provides the character’s likeness in the series.

Essentially, if anyone’s qualified to give tips on how to pull off a successful GTA heist; it’s the man behind San Andreas’ most infamous bank robberies. Or at least the man who brought him to life.

“Slow and Steady XQC, Slow and Steady!”

Taking to Twitter to address XQC directly; Luke said, “Slow and steady Q slow and steady” in his tweet to XQC.

Ned Luke’s words of wisdom may ring a bell to some GTA 5 players, as the quote is the same advice Michael gave to Trevor during one of their heists during the GTA 5 story.

This was during the game's opening scene, where Michael cautioned the increasingly manic Trevor, saying, “Slow and steady T, slow and steady.”

We hope for XQC’s sake (and that of his heart) that he heeds Mr. Luke’s advice. That way, his next heist may go better than his last one did, or indeed, the heist from the start of GTA 5 - which also ended in disaster.

After all, nobody knows how to recover from a disastrous bank heist in Los Santos better than Michael De Santana.

So, slow and steady XQC! Slow and steady.

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