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GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Trailer Reveals Release Date Delay to 2022

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 is finally here, and we’re getting a new look at GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced at last!

Even before the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S had officially been released, we knew that GTA 5 was getting a next-gen port. Rockstar’s open-world title will soon span across 3 generations of gaming, and it’s obvious why.

Despite it being now 8 years since GTA 5’s initial release, the game is still going strong. In fact, we recently got the biggest ever update to GTA Online!

On top of that Rockstar Games has been giving fans plenty to do with regular seasonal updates to GTA 5.

GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Trailer at PlayStation Showcase 2021
(Source: Rockstar Games)
Rockstar Games

And although we’re getting new leaks for GTA 6 already, it seems the upcoming title isn’t releasing anytime soon. But to pass the time before the upcoming title’s launch, we at least have a new GTA experience on next-gen.

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GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Release Date Delay

After months of waiting, we have a new GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced trailer, courtesy of the PlayStation Showcase 2021!

In the brand-new GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced trailer, we got a look at the upgraded title’s new features. The next-gen port of GTA 5 will feature seamless character switching in single-player, as well as enhanced visuals and gameplay.

However, the new trailer also revealed a GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced release date delay to March 2022! This is hugely disappointing, given that GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced’s original release date was set for later this year.

Don’t forget that PS4 owners of GTA V can receive GTA$1,000,000 every month from now until Expanded & Expanded’s launch. On top of that, GTA Online will be a free exclusive on the PS5 for the first 3 months after release day.

If you’re still looking for a next-gen console to play GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced – we’ve got you covered:

And if you’re a PlayStation fan, don’t forget to pre-load the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta today.

(Source: PlayStation)

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