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Greedent Is Overpowered in Pokemon Unite – Broken 4000 DPS Moveset

Pokemon Unite finally has a new character, and Greedent is easily the most overpowered Pokemon in the game!

When it was revealed that Greedent would be coming to Pokemon Unite, a lot of fans were very unhappy. After all, with hundreds of possible picks for the next challenger, Greedent is hardly the most exciting choice.

On top of that, new leaks reveal that Decidueye is coming to Pokemon Unite soon! And the Ghost/Grass-Type Pokemon would have been a much better pick for Halloween season.

Greedent Pokemon Unite

Right now, we’ve got the brand-new Pokemon Unite Halloween update to enjoy. But one overpowered new addition with 4000 DPS is ruining the game for many players.

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Greedent Is Broken in Pokemon Unite

Greedent has only just arrived in Pokemon Unite today and it’s already dangerously overpowered.

The last time we saw a Pokemon arrive broken at launch, Sylveon got a huge nerf within 48 hours. But that was nothing compared to this level of broken.

Thanks to Greedent’s Unite Move, the Pokemon can store an endless amount of berries in its tail. And with Belch resetting its cooldown based on the number of berries you have in-store, Greedent’s powerful move resets with absolutely no delay following the use of Berry Belly Flop.

What this means is that Greedent can endlessly use Belch on enemy Pokemon with zero cooldown, and it’s resulting in ~4000 DPS.

Here’s how to get Greedent for FREE in Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite Greedent Stats

For reference, Greedent has enough DPS to take out Zapdos with a single Unite Move, or melt an enemy inside their own Base Goal.

And when you’re using Greedent’s best build in Pokemon Unite, the damage levels are off the charts.

We expect a nerf to arrive very shortly, so take advantage while you can!

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite’s new update nerfs Drednaw and Zapdos in what might be the greatest shake-up since the game’s launch.

And we’ve got new leaks revealing which Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next. We’re often skeptical about leaks like this, but the dataminer was correct about Greedent already.

Take a look at Greedent’s overpowered moveset in action in this Pokemon Unite clip from Ironic_dumb on Twitter.

Without a doubt, Greedent just shot to the top of the Pokemon Unite Tier List for October 2021! But we expect the greedy Pokemon to get a huge nerf in the near future, so it may not stay there for long.

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