The latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer has dropped, and it’s full of juicy new details, including two brand-new Pokemon, Great Tusk and Iron Treads.

With only days left until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s official launch, it’s no surprise Nintendo wants to hype up fans.

Fortunately, alongside the announcement of a mysterious new Coin Pokemon coming to both Scarlet & Violet and Pokemon GO, the new information gleaned from this trailer is sure to get people excited.

What Are the Great Tusk and Iron Treads Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet?

In the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer, two new Pokemon called Great Tusk, and Iron Treads were revealed.

Iron Treads appears to be almost robotic and is potentially related to the future theme of Violet. Great Tusk has red shards on its back and legs and is possibly connected to the past theme of Scarlet.

Prominent Pokemon leaker Centro Leaks, who recently revealed some brand-new Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet, has said that these are Paradox Pokemon and not regional variants or evolutions.

For more information about these mysterious Pokemon, you can read our detailed breakdown of what Paradox Pokemon are in Scarlet & Violet.

Who is Great Tusk?

Great Tusk is one of the newest Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Scarlet. While it heavily resembles the Pokemon Donphan, it appears to be a unique mon.

While we don’t have a lot of details surrounding it, from images, we can see it has two enormous tusks at the front of its body and red shards scattered across its back.

It definitely fits more into Pokemon Scarlet’s themes of the past, as it looks almost Mammoth like with its great tusks (hence the name).

Who Is Iron Treads?

Iron Treads is another brand-new Pokemon in Generation 9. It appears to be a far more robotic version of Great Tusks, trading in fur and bone for steel and electronics.

Instead of fighting other Pokemon with its tusks, Iron Treads seems to prefer rolling into combat. It keeps its long trunk-like front rolled up so it can spring into attack at any point.

Iron Treads is absolutely more in line with Pokemon Violet’s theme of the future, especially considering its robotic nature, much like Miraidon.

While both Great Tusk and Iron Treads bare a significant resemblance to the Generation 2 Pokemon, Donphan, it would seem they are not completely connected.

Nintendo needs to officially confirm or deny, one way or another. However, how they refer to them in marketing materials seems to indicate they aren’t related.

Are Great Tusk & Iron Treads Exclusive Pokemon?

It is currently unclear if Great Tusk and Iron Treads will be exclusive in either version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

However, considering they both play into the themes of the future and past, it seems likely. We suspect that Iron Treads will be exclusive to Pokemon Violet and Great Tusk to Pokemon Scarlet.

Of course, outside of these two mysterious new Pokemon, there have been a series of other reveals. If you’re a fan of Ghost-types, then you should check out the cute ghost dog coming to Scarlet & Violet.

There are so many other amazing new Pokemon that players can discover. In fact, you can learn all about every new Gen 9 Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet.

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