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Gotham Knights: Watch Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Reveal Trailer

WB Games revealed new Gotham Knights gameplay that showcased the different abilities of Red Hood and Nightwing.

After its delay, WB Games didn’t sure too many new details regarding Gotham Knights. But now it seems that WB Games is ready to start building up the hype again.

Gotham Knights takes place after the reported death of Bruce Wayne. So this marks the first time that players will be able to see a Batman-less Gotham City.

And now we’ve seen a deeper look at two of the heroes that are looking to protect Gotham in Batman’s absence, Red Hood and Nightwing.

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Gotham Knights Red Hood Nightwing
WB Games

Gotham Knights: Nightwing and Red Hood Abilities & Details

Today, WB Games revealed more information regarding the abilities players will be able to use with Nightwing and Red Hood.

First up is Nightwing gameplay, showcasing Dick Grayson’s acrobatic fighting style and glider. It seems that even without Batman’s cape, we’ll still be able to freely traverse Gotham with style.

Next, a second player in co-op mode enters the fray as Red Hood, a version of Jason Todd who has been resurrected with mystical powers that come in handy for both combat and movement around the city.

Gotham Knights Red Hood
WB Games

Red Hood will use non-lethal rounds in his firearms, capable of dealing piercing damage to armored enemies.

With either character, building up the momentum bar via combos to allow for powerful and stylish abilities. And of course, you can also team up with an ally to pull off a devastating finishing move.

Batcycle & Fast Bat Gameplay & Customization

Next up, the gameplay footage reveals the Batcycle, a new vehicle that all heroes will be able to access in-game. With it, Red Hood is shown catching up to and stopping a band of criminals in Gotham’s open world.

However, given the return of the grapple hook and Red Hood’s mystical abilities, the vehicle doesn’t seem to be the fastest method of getting around the city. On top of that, the Fast Bat, a huge rocket-powered glider, will allow you to fast travel around Gotham in seconds.

Gotham Knights Nightwing
WB Games

Upon returning to the Belfry, players can track and take on new missions from the Batcomputer, as well as customize their heroes to their liking. By fighting crime, Gotham Knights players can unlock more crafting materials and blueprints to change up their look and stats freely.

In the final release, players will be able to choose to play as Nightwing and Red Hood, as well as Robin and Bat Girl.

Check out the full Gotham Knights Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay demo below:

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