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Gotham Knights Co-Op Guide: How to Play Multiplayer

Here’s how to join and play with your friends for some Gotham Knights multiplayer action.

One of the biggest draws for the new Gotham Knights is its multiplayer gameplay, allowing fans to group up with their friends to patrol the city.

Players can team up with other online users in story missions, or when patrolling Gotham. And in some more difficult combat encounters, you’ll be happy for the backup.

How to Play Gotham Knights Online Co-Op With a Friend

To enter online co-op with a friend, simply load up Gotham Knights and hit Continue to load your existing save file. Then, when in-game, open the menu and head to Social -> Friends -> then hold A/X/Enter to invite a chosen player to play co-op.

Alternatively, when viewing your friend list, hold X/Square/V to join your friend’s game.

How to Play multiplayer Gotham Knights

Does Gotham Knights Have Local Multiplayer?

No, Gotham Knight does not have any form of local multiplayer or split-screen. Players will need to have their own copy of the game and console or PC if they want to play with a friend.

How to Play Online With A Random Player – Quick Match

To join another player’s game at random, you can simply select Multiplayer from the Gotham Knights title screen, then select Quick Match. This will allow you to choose your preferred hero and search for a random player’s game to join.

How to Quick Play Multiplayer Gotham Knights

Can You Play 4 Player Multiplayer in Gotham Knights?

Standard 4-player multiplayer will not be available in Gotham Knights. However, on November 29, Gotham Knights is adding a Heroic Assault mode that will allow 4 player co-op.

The mode will be completely standalone and provides a dedicated arena-like environment with specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on 30 unique floors.

Does Gotham Knights Support Crossplay?

No, Gotham Knights does not support crossplay, meaning that you’ll need to be on the same platform as your friends to enter multiplayer.

According to the official Gotham Knights FAQs, crossplay support is not planned.

How to Turn Off Multiplayer

To turn off Multiplayer or adjust who can join your game, load into Gotham Knights and hold Left on the D-Pad or C on Keyboard, then choose Privacy. Here your can select your preferred online settings, including Public, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, or Invite Only.

Gotham Knights Privacy Settings

Select Invite Only if you don’t want anyone to join your Gotham Knights world. But as you can see from our Gotham Knights review, the game is definitely geared toward multiplayer.

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