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Fortnite Gold Bars Disappearing Glitch Fixed

Save your gold bars before they dissapear forever.

The Fortnite V.24.20 update brought a lot of great additions to the battle royale, but it also left players confused due to their gold bars disappearing.

This bug would cause players to see 0 Gold Bars in a match and missing Gold in their Gold Stash between games.

Fortunately, Epic Games has now fixed this glitch so the correct number of Gold Bars should now display for players.

How to Fix Gold Disappearing in Fortnite (2023)

If gold bars are still disappearing for you in Fortnite, even after Epic Games’ fix, the best way to resolve this issue is to restart your system as soon as you see that your gold bars are missing.

Once you load back into Fortnite, you should see the correct gold bars in your inventory. But you need to restart your system as soon as you see the missing gold bars.

If you don’t, the new count from your latest match could overwrite your previous amount.

Unfortunately, this means that no amount of restarts will bring back your missing gold. This could prove to actually harm players since gold is such an important tool when looking to win matches.

Players can use gold bars to hire specialists, upgrade weapons, purchase items, replenish their ammo, or even reroll their Reality Augments.

Hiring specialists in itself can win players a match once they learn the proper commands to use.

Thankfully, many players have already reported using this method with successful results.

If you lose your gold bars permanently, the next best thing to do is contact Epic Games Support.

You’ll need to have your Epic Games ID login ready so that they can easily check your account. This isn’t guaranteed to work, but it’s the best option at the moment.

Why Are My Gold Bars Disappearing?

There is no specific reason why your gold bars may disappear in Fortnite. It’s simply an unfortunate bug that came about with the latest Chapter 4 Season 2 V.24.20 update.

This update introduced Attack on Titan to the world of Fortnite and added a few new ways to maneuver around the map.

Thankfully, Epic Games is aware of the glitch and has released a fix so it should no longer be an issue for players.

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