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Godzilla and Kong Don’t Fight in Warzone Operation Monarch And Fans Hate It

Despite ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ coming to Warzone, the two titans don’t actually fight. And Battle Royale fans aren’t happy.

After months of teases, hints, leaks, and more we finally got the Operation Monarch event in Warzone. The Battle Royale’s biggest ever update adds Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera, as part of a new Resurgence LTM.

Fans are able to encounter both of the epic titans around the map, while dealing with enemy players. But take the fight to the colossal beasts and you could end up able to control Kong and Godzilla for yourself!

Sadly, it seems that the Monsterverse icons won’t be battling each other too much inside the event. But at least you can use their attacks to destroy enemy squads.

Kong Warzone Operation Monarch

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Warzone Players Are Unhappy With Operation Monarch

Despite the event being a crossover between Warzone and ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, the two monsters don’t actually encounter one another.

The new Operation Monarch event is barely live and already Warzone fans are complaining. The most common complaint seems to be regarding the two titans themselves, and how no actual scrap takes place between the two.

It’s definitely disappointing to see no conflict between the two titans, but at least Godzilla and King Kong are entertaining to see causing chaos around the map.

And you can actually make the duo fight somewhat, by using the SCREAM killstreak to target the opposing titan. However, doing so has no effect whatsoever.

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Godzilla doesn’t actually even leave Caldera’s ocean, though it does swim around the map a little. Meanwhile, the actual gameplay is a little more PVE than PVP, as you’re encouraged to lay down fire on Kong and Godzilla.

In case you were wondering how long these two titans will be sticking around, here’s when Operation Monarch is ending in Warzone.

And make sure you’re using the best weapons to get the job done, especially when dealing with monsters. Here are the best guns you should be using for the Godzilla vs Kong LTM.

What do you think about Godzilla ‘VS’ Kong in Warzone?

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J Bird

Thursday 12th of May 2022

Activison tried, but after a game or two, it becomes boring again. Both Godzilla and Kong are scripted, no interactions at all.