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Godfall – How to Get Deathblows on Enemies

One of the most fun things to pull off in Godfall’s combat is a Deathblow. Here is how to get a Deathblow on an enemy in this looter-slasher.

While Godfall does have its issues, one of the elements that do work well is its combat. There are plenty of mechanics and skills to learn as you level your character up.

One of these skills is the Deathblow, a mechanic which proves that you have absolute skill and finesse in combat.

Here is how to get a Deathblow on enemies in Godfall, and what you need to get them!

Godfall – How to Pull Off Deathblows Successfully

Getting a Deathblow in Godfall requires the Weakpoints skill to be unlocked. This skill is a part of the Finesse skill tree.

You’ll need to unlock the Finesse skill first. After that, you only need to put one point into the Weakness node to be able to do Deathblows.

Godfall Deathblows Weakpoints Skill

Getting a Deathblow is fairly simple, once you know how to perform it. Find a willing combatant and then, wait for the enemy to attack. Before their attack lands, Parry or Block, and a weakpoint will appear.

You need to have absolute precision here but aim for the weakpoint with your reticle and strike. If you’re successful, you’ll have a message pop up on-screen saying Deathblow when the enemy dies to this attack.

It may take some practice to perform this move consistently, but once you start, you’ll be taking down enemies in no time!

Of course, if you need to keep practicing, you can head to the training room in the sanctum. This will allow you to keep trying the Deathblow without the worry of dying!

Godfall How to Get Deathblows
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Wednesday 11th of May 2022

One of the elements that works well is the combat? Id hope so since that's all there is to it outside of the borderlands style lite rpg skill systems & loot.

I mean the game is legitimately just borderlands with melee weapons, loot system and all.

If I had played this game when it launched... Id have absolutely hated it because even the combat didn't work right and it's stupid simple combat. It's more basic than the first Darksiders and if you want you can beat this game by button mashing but at launch oh my.

At launch it had less content, worse combat, the loot system was semi broken, there were tons of bugs, performance issues, crashes, issues with the leveling systems... Thankfully gearbox only published it and didn't develop it. Also thankfully Randy got to double dip because he was paid for a year exclusive by Sony and a year exclusive by epic. He must have either been feeling generous OR financial advisors told him a hard truth and that truth was after borderlands 3 & aliens he had essentially already used up all of a gamers ability to forgive his BS any longer. So he spent some of one of those fat pay day's to keep funding the developers to actually fix AND FINISH the game.

Now it's worth $30 and playable. Prior to it's Xbox and steam launch it really wasn't. Just look at the reviews.