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God of War Being Upgraded for PS5 Today

God of War (2018) will be upgraded for PS5 today with a performance boost designed to take advantage of next-gen hardware.

Fans of God of War (2018) or GOW 4 to some, will be happy to know that the game will receive an upgrade on the PS5 today. The update will be free to anyone who owns the game on PS5 or has access to it from the PS Plus library collection.

The game will receive an enhanced performance patch, which will allow the game to run at 60fps in 2160p resolution. It essentially allows the game to take advantage of the same 4K upscaling most PS5 games enjoy.

Players will have the option to switch back to the ‘Original Performance Experience’ if they wish. This will put the game back into 30fps but will retain the 4K resolution – the mode used on the PS4 Pro.

When running on PS4 Pro, God of War offered players a choice between crisp 4K resolution and 60fps. But now, thanks to the power of PS5, the upgraded GOW can offer both at the same time.

God of War Upgraded – What Do We Know?

Santa Monica Studios wrote a blog post yesterday explaining that they have been working on this patch since the PS5 launched in November. They also believe that a full remaster would be unnecessary when a patch can deliver the same results.

PS5 owners who also have a PS Plus subscription will be able to download the upgraded God of War (2018) for free. The game is part of the PS Plus library, along with many other classic PlayStation 4 titles.

A sequel called God of War Ragnarok is in development as we speak at Santa Monica Studios. It may also be a cross-generational title, coming to PS5 and PS4, but we’re still waiting on clarification about this.

The game will continue the adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus. We imagine their conflict with the Norse Pantheon of gods will escalate – violently.

Old habits sure die-hard for the Ghost of Sparta, as do any deities that happen to cross his path!

Interestingly, the same studio is hiring for a mysterious new game that may or may not be connected to the God of War franchise. Intriguing!

The studio is actively recruiting and recently hired the legendary sound designer from the Last of Us Part 2. So we’re keen to learn what this mysterious new game could be when it arrives.

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