Many players may have stumbled across Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok and wondered how to get its Legendary Chest.

Well, it’s a part of The Full Weight of Chains Favor, and we’re here to guide you through it.

What Is Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok?

Lyngbakr Island is a small area found in the middle of the Bay of Bounty within the Svartalfheim realm in God of War Ragnarok.

When you first arrive there, it seems like a small and unassuming island. However, there is far more hidden beneath the ocean, which you can unlock and then explore.

Kratos and Atreus at Lyngbakr Island before the Lyngbakr is freed
This is what Lyngbakr Island will look like before you free the Lyngbakr

It turns out the island is actually a giant monster called Lyngbakr that Mimir locked up to impress Odin. The Weight of Chains Favor is all about freeing it and undoing Mimir’s past mistakes.

How to Unlock Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok

A smaller version of Lyngbakr Island is already available in God of War Ragnarok and can be found in the Bay of Bounty in Svartalfheim.

However, by progressing through The Weight of Chains Favor (which you activate by going to Lyngbakr Island), you’ll unlock hidden areas of the island.

You won’t need to progress through the side quest much, as once you’ve unlocked the Watchtower key and headed to the Watchtower, you’ll awaken the Lyngbakr itself.

Where Is the Legendary Chest on Lyngbakr Island?

The Legendary chest on Lyngbakr Island can be found on the South side. However, you cannot access it until you reach the end of The Weight of Chains Favor.

After freeing both fins of the Lyngbakr, sail to the south side. Slide down a rope, and you’ll see the chest right next to the chain holding down the Lyngbakr’s tail.

Kratos opening a legendary chest in Lyngbakr Island

What Is Inside the Legendary Chest on Lyngbakr Island?

For finding and opening the Legendary chest on Lyngbakr Island, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 5x Whispering Slab – Crafting Component
  • Rond of Aggravation – Shield Attachment
    • Perk – Ripost Rage Burst: Luck chance to grant a Rage Burst when Parrying.
    • Stats – 4 Defense, 3 Vitality, 3 Luck
Kratos throwing his axe at the seal on the Lyngbakr's tail while the Rond of Aggravation reward is displayed on screen

The Weight of Chains Favor Full Walkthrough Guide

  • Head to the dock at Lyngbakr Island (roughly in the center of Bay of Bounty)
  • Throw your axe at the red exploding jar to clear the path
  • Wretches will appear. Defeat them and destroy their nest at the top of the path
  • Climb up and destroy the red pot in front of you to clear the path
  • Climb across the wall until you reach the next area with the weak point on the floor
  • Destroy the Wretches’ nest there
  • Spin the wheel until the lift is at the bottom. Then aim (hold L2) with your axe and throw it (press R2) at the seal to freeze it
  • Climb back down the wall from where you came and continue going to the right until you reach the lift
  • Retrieve your axe (press triangle) and wait for the lift to go up
  • Then, go to the edge of the lift and jump down through the weakpoint (press O when prompted)
  • Fight the Bergsra Mother and the Wretches it spawns
  • Open the chest and retrieve the Watchtower key
  • Exit through the door and get back into your boat
  • Now sail towards the Watchtower
  • Once you dock, turn right past Sindri’s shop and up towards the tower
  • Climb up the wall on the left until you reach the tower
  • When you reach the top, feel free to go left and around the back of the tower to close the Draugr hole. You’ll need to know how to defeat The Hateful boss first in order to get through it unscathed
  • Otherwise, go right and to the Watchtower door and put the key in
  • Go through the door and lift the drum (press O when prompted next to the drum)
  • Then, when prompted, have Atreus shoot the drum (press square)
  • You’ll need to go back to Lyngbakr Island, so hop down and get back into your boat
  • Dock at the new Lyngbakr dock and climb up the wall
  • Fight the Draugr that appear
  • Once you’ve defeated them, head towards the gate on the right. Just before you reach it, look to your right and destroy the red pot that’s there
  • Walk through and free the chain. You’ll need to aim at the seal attached to the Lyngbakr’s fin to properly free it
  • Once you’ve freed it, head back to area where you fought the Draugr. From there, go to the right of the edge of the cliff and you’ll find multiple platforms. Jump across
  • Fight the Draugr that are there
  • Then, climb up the chain 
  • Once you’ve reached the top, head over to the ledge and grapple across to the other side
  • Fight the Draugr, again
  • Head down the chain until you reach the lower platform
  • Cut the Lyngbakr fin free again and then throw your axe at the seal
  • Fight the Wretches and destroy their nest
  • Then, where their nest used to be will be a pot of fire bombs. Take one and throw it at the golden ore surrounding the chest
  • Take another fire bomb and jump across to where the chest is. Turn right and head down until you can see a dock in the distance
  • Throw the fire bomb at the gold ore surrounding it
  • Head back through the closed gate (near the fire bomb pot) and then get back into your boat
  • Sail to the new dock you just freed
  • Climb up the wall on the left until you reach the top
  • Fight the Draugr, again
  • Once you’ve defeated them, head up the platform to the left
  • Cut the chain of the Lyngbakr free and then jump across to the next platform on your left
  • Slide down the rope 
  • Once you reach the bottom, open the chest and then aim your axe at the seal on the Lyngbakr’s fin and throw it
  • Head to the wooden barricade next to where you landed and use your Blades of Chaos to pull them apart (press O when prompted)
  • Climb down the chain and get into the boat
  • Sail to the left side of the Lyngbakr and go to its eye
  • Dock next to its eye (press O when prompted)
  • Watch the cutscene, and congratulations, you’ve completed the cutscene and earned the achievement Making Amends

How to Find the Watchtower Key in God of War Ragnarok

The Watchtower Key can be found as a part of The Weight of Chains Favor in God of War Ragnarok. It is found close to the beginning of that side quest and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to get.

You’ll have to head to Lyngbakr Island (which can be found in the middle of Bay of Bounty in Svartalfheim) and break into the central chamber.

Of course, once you’ve found it, there’s no need to finish the side quest if you don’t want to. However, if you want to complete it and earn the achievement Making Amends, then we’ve got you covered.

Kratos stood next to the Watchtower in God of War Ragnarok
Image Credit – Dan Allen Gaming

Keep reading for a full walkthrough guide of not only The Weight of Chains Favor but also how to get the Watchtower Key.

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