God of War Ragnarok features a transmog system, but it is difficult to access and as a result confusing fans. If you’re struggling to find it, don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers.

Players can finally customize Kratos to their liking and dress him up in cool armor without worrying about lowering their stats.

However, it would appear that accessing the transmog system in God of War Ragnarok is not as easy as it seems, and players may need to seriously grind to be able to use it.

How to Unlock & Transmog Armor in God of War Ragnarok

To transmog a piece of armor in God of War Ragnarok, you first need to upgrade it to level 9 at Brok and Sindri’s shop.

Unfortunately, players won’t be able to do this early in the game as it requires a considerable amount of grind. You’ll need a lot of Hacksilver and resources to level up even one piece of equipment.

However, once you’ve reached level 9 with the piece of equipment of your choice, simply follow these steps to transmog it:

  • Press the Touchpad on your controller to bring up the menu
  • Hit R2 to tab over to armor
  • Find your currently equipped armor
  • Press Square to Edit Appearance
  • This will bring up a menu of all the possible pieces of armor you can select as your transmog
  • Choose the one you want and press X
  • It will replace your current armor visually

To remove any transmog armor, simply press Square on your equipped armor to bring up the transmog menu and then Triangle.

a shot of the transmog menu and armor from God of War Ragnarok

What Is the Transmog System in God of War Ragnarok?

Transmog means to equip a piece of armor without removing the status effects and buffs of another. Essentially you can continue looking cool while making sure your stats don’t go down.

For example, you could equip Vidar’s Pauldron of Might for the stat increases but have it visually appear as if you’re wearing the Risen Snow Breastplate.

Kratos in the armor menu screen in God of War Ragnarok

It just ensures players have complete freedom over their character customization. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, and players will have to fork out a lot of Hacksilver to be able to access it.

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