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God of War Ragnarok Release Date Finally Revealed

The sequel to the critically acclaimed God of War is set to release in 2022, and the release date for God of War Ragnarok has been finally revealed.

It’s no secret that God of War has become even more of a household name in recent years. This is mainly due to the success of the 2018 reboot/sequel.

Even the PC port of God of War, almost four years after its PlayStation 4 release, sold extremely well.

It has been almost two years since the announcement of God of War Ragnarok. And we’ve all been waiting patiently for Kratos’ return.

It seems that we don’t have to wait much longer, as the release date for the game has finally been revealed for God of War Ragnarok.

When is the God of War Ragnarok Release Date

God of War Ragnarok – When is the Release Date?

God of War Ragnarok is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 9, 2022.

The release date was announced on Twitter by PlayStation, alongside a new computer-generated trailer that you can find below.

Ragnarok was recently rated in South Korea, which suggested a release date would be revealed soon. And now, we know when Ragnarok is coming.

While we aren’t sure how well the game will be received yet, God of War 2018 did extremely well. It finished with a MetaCritic score of 94.

God of War Ragnarok Rated in Korea

We imagine that it will be one of the biggest games of the year. And one you’ll need to buy if you have a PlayStation 5.

And if you’re willing to spend some more, you should check out some of the collector’s editions of God of War Ragnarok too.

And we know that PlayStation is set to create a God of War TV show, so you can play the games in time for the series!

A brand new trailer for God of War Ragnarok has shown Kratos and Atreus come face to face with Fenrir.

However, if you miss out, you can always play God of War as part of the PlayStation Premium catalog. There are plenty of other games with the new PlayStation Plus tiers too!

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