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God of War Ragnarok Will Be A PS5 Exclusive, Suggests Sony

A new Sony investor presentation suggests that God of War Ragnarok will be a PS5 exclusive.

God of War was one of the best games of the last console generation and put PlayStation icon Kratos back at the summit of gaming protagonists. Its mix of brutal action, beautiful landscapes, and heartfelt story left an impression on PS4 owners across the world.

However, a new investor presentation from Sony suggests that those PS4 players who enjoyed God of War 2018 won’t be able to play its sequel, Ragnarok unless they buy a PS5.

God of War

God Of War Sequel Could Be Next-Gen Only

Sony has just held its Investor Day for 2021 and as part of it, showed a presentation to investors about PlayStation and its plans for gaming in the future. It also has some news about God of War on PS5.

However, it didn’t mention anything about the upcoming Uncharted 5 and The Last Of Us remake which were leaked a while ago.

This presentation includes loads of interesting financial details about PlayStation, including how the PS5 has sold insanely quickly. However, it also shed light on one highly-anticipated upcoming game in particular.

One part of the presentation showed the two major upcoming PS4 releases – Horizon: Forbidden West and Far Cry 6. However, a sequel to God of War was not mentioned in this segment, despite it appearing elsewhere in the presentation.

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God of War

This indicates that the next God of War game will likely only release on PS5 and not PS4. The presentation also revealed some very important information about the name of the God of War sequel too.

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God of War Ragnarok – Title Confirmed?

Additionally, the presentation also seemingly confirmed that the Sequel to God of War for the PS5 will be called God of War Ragnarok.

One slide in the presentation contained a logo saying “God of War Raganrok”, however it was later taken off of the presentation.

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While it has already been hinted that the mythical world-ending Ragnarok event would happen in the God of War sequel, the game actually being called Ragnarok has not been confirmed yet.

Are you excited for God of War Ragnarok or are you disappointed that you’ll have to pick up a PS5 to play it?

Meanwhile, Sony is also looking to bring its most popular PlayStation franchises to mobile devices. This will be great for on-the-go gamers.

Finally, if you haven’t managed to buy a PS5 yet, then check out handy Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates:

(Source: Sony)

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