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God of War Ragnarok Delayed to 2022, Coming to PS4 & PS5

We finally have news about God of War Ragnarok and it’s not what everyone was hoping for, with a delay to 2022 and more.

One of the PS5’s most anticipated projects is the release of a sequel to God of War (2018). Santa Monica Studio managed to deliver one of the last generation’s best games with a return to Kratos’ life, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the follow-up.

However, after months of rumors, leaks, and teases, we finally have new information about the upcoming God of War title. And if you haven’t played the first game in the series, fans believe God of War will soon be free for PlayStation users!

god of war ragnarok
(Source: Santa Monica Studio)

Just days after Sony suggested that God of War Ragnarok would be a PS5 exclusive, the company is giving us some rather different news.

But could God of War actually come to mobile devices soon?

God of War 2 Delayed to 2022

Now we have an official announcement that God of War’s sequel isn’t arriving until 2022. Despite rumors about the game releasing late this year, it appears that Santa Monica Studio couldn’t get the title ready in time.

In a recent interview, Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst reveals that the global pandemic has been a major player in God of War Ragnarok’s recent delay. With so much motion capture required for a title like God of War, often with multiple actors, it’s not something that’s easily done from home.

And although mini recording studios have been set up inside employee’s houses, some development is just impossible. According to Hulst, Sony isn’t going to risk the quality of its upcoming titles by taking any shortcuts.

“But I can tell you, we’re not going to risk the quality. We want to ship extremely high quality games, finished games, and we have to do that obviously without pushing our teams to the breaking point.”

god of war ps4
(Source: Santa Monica Studio)

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Both Horizon Forbidden West and God of War are very narrative-driven games in development right now. And with God of War starting development a little later, it wasn’t able to make the cut for 2021.

“With these things, something’s gotta give,” Hulst confirms. “It cannot be the quality of our titles, and it surely won’t be the health or the wellbeing of our amazing team.”

UPDATE: Sony reveals that Horizon Forbidden West may also be delayed to 2022!

God of War Ragnarok Will Be Cross-Gen, Coming to PS4

What’s more, the Head of PlayStation Studios is also revealing details about which consoles God of War 2 will be available on. And, whether it’s good or bad news to you, Kratos’ next adventure will take place on both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Hermen Hulst reveals that PS4 consoles are still a focus internally when it comes to game development. The studio head quite rightly states: “you can’t build a community of over 110 million PS4 owners and then just walk away from it”.

This decision may also come thanks to the PS5 stock shortage right now. But thankfully, Sony confirms that the end of the PS5 shortage is in sight!

God of War
(Source: Santa Monica Studio)

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With that in mind, the PlayStation boss confirms that God of War 2, as well as Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7, will all be cross-gen titles. God of War will be playable on both PS4 and PS5 consoles, with enhancements likely for the next-gen hardware.

This shouldn’t be too concerning, as Horizon Forbidden West looks incredible on PS5 – and so far doesn’t seem to be held back by the PS4. However, Hulst also reveals that it’s important for Sony to also have showpieces like Ratchet and Clank as PS5 exclusives.

The interview also reveals that putting more PlayStation games on PC is important to Sony right now. And we even know which AAA PS4 game is coming to PC next!

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