The Alfheim puzzle in God of War Ragnarok is stumping a number of players with its complicated solution. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

God of War Ragnarok has several challenging puzzles for the player to complete. However, while the majority are relatively simple, there are definitely a few mind-boggling ones in the mix.

One such puzzle is connected to opening a light door in Alfheim. If you’ve gotten stuck here, don’t panic as we’ve got all the answers to help you solve it.

Of course, if you’re finding God of War Ragnarok a little difficult, then you can always tweak it until you find the best difficulty setting for you.

How to Solve the Light Door Statue Puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

There are several light door puzzles during the Alfheim segment of God of War Ragnarok. None are more complex, however than the two-statue puzzle.

To solve this one, you’ll need to break both of the wings of the leftmost statue and move it so that the Twilight Stone is closer to the ground.

the light door puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

If you want a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how to do this, then keep on reading.

  • Upon entering the chamber, turn right. Jump up onto the platform above next to the ruined statue.
  • Once up there, turn right. At the end, you’ll see a grapple point to reach the left side of the chamber. Jump across.
  • When you get over there, you’ll first want to knock the barrier off the edge on the right. That’ll let you go up and down with ease.
  • Then, head forward until you reach the ruined statue holding the Twilight Stone.
  • Use Atreus’ arrow (aim with L2 and fire with Square) to break the barrier off of the statue’s wings.
  • Pull the wings to the left (press O when prompted and then move the left joystick to the left). 
  • This will reveal a breakable circle on the right side of the statue. Throw your axe (aim with L2, throw with R1/2) and destroy it. 
  • Once the wing is broken free, move the statue all the way to the right.
  • Then, aim at the Twilight Stone held by the statue. When you see a blue beam, throw your axe at it. This will break the left wing.
  • Next, move the statue all the way to the left, bringing the Twilight Stone closer to the floor. Jump back down to the lower floor of the chamber.
  • Climb back up to the right side of the chamber and turn left. Head down a little bit until you can see the ruined statue and the Twilight Stone. 
  • Aim your axe at the Twilight Stone until you see a blue beam. Throw it to finally open the door. 

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