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God of War Debuts as PlayStation Studio’s Second Highest Played Game on Steam

God of War’s PC port debuted today on Steam, reaching the spot of PlayStation Studio’s second most played game on launch day.

Sony has demonstrated quite an interest in the PC market for some time now. Its first endeavor on the PC realms was Horizon Zero Dawn, which cemented a pretty solid foundation for other ports to come.

The game suffered from some cumbersome technical issues at first. However, this did not stop it from being a commercial and critical success.

Thanks to this solid first step, other PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were later announced for PC by Sony.

To continue its PC efforts, PlayStation released the PC port of God of War today, which received tremendous success on Steam.

God of War Becomes the Second Biggest PlayStation Studios Release on Steam

God of War debuted today on PC, becoming the second most played PlayStation Studios game on Steam. The game reached the record with a total peak of 49,411 consecutive players.

By reaching this mark, God of War also made it to Steam’s Most Played Games list for today, raking in the 17th position.

Even though it is an impressive figure, God of War fell just a bit short of Horizon Zero Dawn’s numbers. When it launched, Horizon Zero Dawn peaked at 56,557 consecutive players.

This player-count grants Horizon the record of the biggest PlayStation released on Steam so far.

It is not surprising to see such an excellent player base number for God of War. When Sony announced God of War’s port, it dominated the PC sales charts.

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Stream God of War Top 20

Thus far, the PC port of God of War has received outstanding reviews on Steam. Many critics have called it the ultimate version of the title.

Overall, PlayStation games have received a positive welcome on PC. The other major PlayStation release on PC, Days Gone, debuted with a healthy 27,450 player base peak.

This number is not as impressive as God of War’s figures, but it still counts as a pretty successful release.

Taking all these successful releases into account, it is certain Sony will continue supporting the PC platform. Furthermore, a leak revealed an Uncharted The Naughty Dog PC Collection might be in the works!

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