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God of War Becomes PlayStation Studios Biggest PC Launch on Steam

After just two days, God of War’s PC port took the throne of PlayStation Studios’ most successful release on Steam.

The PC endeavors of Sony have undoubtedly been successful. This nifty experiment began in August 2020 with the release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Since then, PlayStation’s PC ports have not slowed down! Sony continued its PC releases with Day Gone. Even though this title did not beat the records set by Horizon Zero Dawn, it was still a pretty successful release.

At this moment, Sony has already unveiled another PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, is coming soon to PC.

Yesterday, God of War made its debut and it just demonstrated there is more hype than ever for PlayStation games on PC.

God of War Breaks Concurrent Players Record Becoming PlayStation’s Biggest Launch on Steam

God of War launched on Steam yesterday, and in just two days, it has already become PlayStation Studios’ biggest PC port to launch on Steam.

This game achieved this record on PC with an impressive concurrent players peak of 65,403. On its launch date, God of War became PlayStation Studios’ second biggest release on Steam.

The previous record-holder was Horizon Zero Dawn, with a peak of 56,557 concurrent players. But, God of War proved that the first impression is not always the one that lasts, amassing a massive audience on day two.

Many expected this record on some level. God of War dominated PC sales charts as soon as Sony announced it. Due to this initial hype, everyone anticipated a considerable audience on its release.

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Aside from a massive audience, God of War’s PC port has garnered many positive reviews on Steam. At this moment, the game has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” score, with 97% of positive reviews.

Critics also seem to agree with players on this instance. Currently, God of War on PC sits at a solid 93% on Metacritic.

With this new successful launch, it is almost guaranteed that PlayStation will continue releasing other exclusives on PC.

Leaks back this up, with a recent one hinting that Sony might have an Uncharted The Naughty Dog PC Collection in the works!

Hopefully, PS5 exclusive releases will not take as long to arrive on PC.

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